Geonetta & Frucht, LLP: Enabling Rightful Claims for Employees

Geonetta & Frucht, LLP help with numerous discrimination charges based on religion, color, gender, ability, etc., or even tactics that involve job harassment. They extensively work on semblance in the workplace by representing employees for wrongful termination, sexual harassment, employer retaliation, violations of wage-and-hour laws, and illegal discrimination. An expert panel of legal experts takes up all such claims.

The employees of any company may face numerous problems in their workplace for which they need to take the legal route, which can often be a long-drawn battle. Matters concerning wrongful termination or sexual harassment need proper evaluation for settlements.

The client needs to enable the service of an employment lawyer to look into reviewing the process for filing an appeal. They will check into the authorized website and note various modes to file the appeal. It will help them decide to fax or mail the person or talk to the concerned authority in person. Hiring Geonetta & Frucht, LLP – Employment Lawyers will ensure that the client’s claims were made well before the deadline.

The lawyers look into every minute detail that needs to be a part of your case. It is important to note down the date and time of the hearing and the claim the client can make against the company. All the background research and documentation, such as Timesheets, Contracts, Medical records, and Personal files, are scrutinized to ensure the client receives the maximum claim benefits.

Other information regarding the case, such as the client’s full name as mentioned in the employment register, social security number or claimant I.D. number, the determination number that the client is appealing, and the correspondence I.D. number (when opting for a phone hearing), is filed and recorded. The clients are notified of the time of appeal if the re-appeal needs to be done. For more information, clients can check out Geonetta & Frucht, LLP FaceBook Page.

Any other documentation that holds good to the client’s cause stating the termination wasn’t justified. Geonetta & Frucht, LLPwill work on collecting more proof supporting the client’s position that the termination was unnecessary. In the case of sexual harassment or discrimination, they would check on witnesses to support the client’s cause who have personal knowledge of the circumstances that finally led to such an event or incidents. The employment lawyers will look into getting the witnesses to testify during the hearing or on the telephone at the time of appeal to support the client’s case.

The employment lawyer will go through the reasons for the determination in the appeal form, explaining why the client’s benefits have been denied. The determination gives a list of factors for termination that will help the lawyers to work out a watertight case benefitting the client’s case.

About the Firm:

Geonetta & Frucht, LLP have represented clients for over half a century with an expert team of civil rights and personal injury lawyers. Providing free first legal consultation for cases regarding employment settlements looking out for the client’s best interests and dignity. With several citations and appreciation for reaching out and providing legal services to resolve complicated disputes.

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