BlockXpress expands its services by launching new features in the crypto industry.

BlockXpress has been established as a professional crypto industry. Recently it has developed new features that bridge decentralization and commerce on one platform.


BlockXpress emerges as a proficient crypto platform that focuses on easing the crypto trading process with new technologies. In the latest development, BlockXpress has expanded its service by introducing new features bridging decentralization and commerce on one platform at the ease of convenience to every user base.


The BlockXpess crypto-native platform provides a seamless experience to every user base. With technological advancement improving daily, their team is delivering the next leap in the e-commerce sector. The following newly launched features will emerge as the community progresses throughout its roadmap.

1.      The shopping platform will be the flagship product of BlockXpress and will serve as the center of all ecommerce activities.

2.      P2P Trading – Peer-to-peer trading enables crypto traders to trade directly with one another without the need for a centralized third party to facilitate the transactions.

3.      Service listing – BlockXpress platform contains different types of items. The platform also accepts the listing of crypto-related services.

4.      Staking – Launch of its staking platform, which provides a steady return for its investors as the team progresses with its roadmap. BlockXpress looks forward to giving back and valuing the investor’s time and commitment to the project.

5.      NFT Marketplace – A place where the community can trade their NFTs.

The company realizes the importance of progression and innovation in recent times and that time is the most valuable resource people have. Therefore, their objective is to make things easier for every user base to bridge blockchain and commerce efficiently and reliably.

Furthermore, people are craving freedom and decentralization, whether to trade through the barter process of selling things commercially without the limits of ordinary E-commerce. Upon considering the need of time, BlockXpress developed a seamless and trustless needed technology where crypto traders can have the freedom now to exchange products without the worry of a traditional centralized e-commerce platform and with complete anonymity.

With BlockXpress, people can use their crypto at their own will. The platform enables them to swap their favorite cryptos into $BX token and spend it as they please. In addition, crypto native e-commerce platform eliminates the barriers of traditional e-commerce platforms.

Consequently, BlockXpress’s e-commerce crypto native app will support the staking function, P2P trading, and the listing of crypto-related services. With its straightforward UI, the team believes it will eliminate userbase acquisition friction.


About BlockXpress

BlockXpress is a one-stop crypto-native e-commerce hub. It makes the crypto adaption more appealing to the masses. The company also envisions accelerating the mass adoption in the web3 e-commerce sector. Whether P2P trading, buying crypto, listing the products on sale, purchasing favorite leading brands, or even staking the company’s native token, $BX, BlockXpress provides a seamless experience to every user base.

Moreover, with reputable audit & KYC brands backing their project’s name, BlockXpress boasts security and trust at its high level to ensure the safety of the user base investments.  BlockXpress has renounced the smart contract and coded it in the simplest way possible. With this, it would be easier to audit or inspect from an average investor’s point of view as it believes that the value of the project comes from the community. And so, the team of BlockXpress is committed to protecting the value of investors. 

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