Day Hustle Book on Revolutionary Angel Employment Concept Launches at #1 in the United States

Gifted Author, G.M. Rahmani has launched her new book, ‘DAY HUSTLE: Receive the Benefits of a DAY Job While You Grow Your Side HUSTLE.’ In this engaging book, G.M. Rahmani shows readers how to escape the 9-5 grind and make their side hustle their primary source of income. She lays out a step-by-step plan for quitting your day job, keeping your benefits, and quickly growing your side hustle into a successful business with the help of Day Hustle, LLC.

Day Hustle is a company willing and able to match the right candidate’s salary from his or her current day job, offer health insurance and access to other group coverage, and a 401k retirement plan – all this for the sole purpose of growing his or her own business.

Day Hustle is the original angel employer. Honeymoon Media is introducing angel employment to the world through the launch of this book. As such, the reading and understanding of this book are required of every candidate. This book is filled with questions for you to think about, as it is essential to answer them for yourself. If, after reading this book and answering the questions posed inside, you feel like you deserve to be a day hustler, you will be ready to complete a majority of the application.

If you are not looking for employment but rather interested in this new form of private equity/business investing, do purchase this book. Angel employment is in its infancy, and you are highly encouraged to read this book to fully grasp the concept and understand the key side of the deal – the day hustlers. This said, G does address you and your role as an investor in the bonus chapter – Angel Employment Explained.

Author, Gianna Marie Rahmani, often referred to as G, is the other half of F&G – Farhad and Gianna.

It’s rare to see a couple that is as close to each other as they are. F&G do everything together and are partners in every sense of the word, from being best friends and gym buddies, to being parents of two amazing boys and co-founders of several businesses. Together, F&G hustle to The Honeymoon Life – what they’ve characterized as a life focused on love and adventure, and one that you don’t need a vacation from.

They don’t shy away from taking risks and making bold moves, as long as they have a plan, have faith, and do it together. And they want to inspire others to do the same. As entrepreneurs and investors, they are the founders of Day Hustle(TM) and are recognized as the original angel employers™️, helping employees to unlock their golden handcuffs of so-called job “security” and to get on the fast track to financial freedom.

To get G.M. Rahmani’s new book, check out the book’s page on Amazon.

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