JUN Engineering participated in ‘SMM’ fair in Germany introduced shipbuilding industry SW, 3D printing technology, etc.

JUN ENGINEERING participated in the ‘2022 Hamburg Shipbuilding & Maritime Fair (SMM)’ held in Messe Hamburg from September 6 to 9.

Being held every two years in Hamburg, a German maritime city, the SMM marked its 30th anniversary this year and is the world’s best international trade fair in the marine industry, with more than 50,000 visitors such as major shipbuilders, industry experts, and government officials from 125 countries.

At this fair, JUN ENGINEERING attracted the attention of many visitors by introducing shipbuilding/offshore plant design services, ship models using 3D printers, and cable measurement programs based on 2D CAD for small and medium shipbuilders for the first time in Korea.

In particular, MARINOS, a cable measurement program based on 2D CAD for small and medium shipbuilders in Korea, minimizes unnecessary costs when building ships and has a great advantage in that it reduces the burden of introduction costs for small and medium-sized shipbuilders with insufficient capital and provides the driving force to keep up with large shipbuilders, allowing them to focus on securing order competitiveness through cost competitiveness.

An official of JUN ENGINEERING said, “It is possible to predict the number of cables more accurately through AI machine learning with the database of more than 300 vessels, which is expected to reduce costs and improve price competitiveness for small and medium shipbuilders, and as a result, play a major role in revitalizing the domestic ship market and related rear industries by revitalizing Korea’s shipbuilding economy.”

JUN ENGINEERING effectively concluded contracts by having face-to-face consultations with local buyers, away from untact meetings due to the prolonged Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, it conducted more than 50 export consultations with global buyers from a total of 27 countries, including Europe, the United States, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. The official said that overseas buyers showed a high interest in 3D printer ship model production through process automation, which will serve as an opportunity to raise awareness abroad.

Starting with this fair, JUN ENGINEERING plans to actively target the global market by carrying out various overseas fair schedules during the second half of this year. The official said, “Participation in the fair has been stagnant since COVID-19, but we still got a lot of interest and inquiries from buyers through this fair. We will continue to participate in various international fairs and try to introduce the unique technology of JUN ENGINEERING.”

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