Vacuum Glass Windows And Doors Curtain Wall Energy Saving Technology

Glass is something we often see it in various life and work scenes, and we are not unfamiliar with it. But most people do not know the concept of vacuum glass. In recent years, glass curtain wall system has become almost the most important external protection solution for non-residential buildings. For the transparent outer curtain wall system, the glass area accounts for about 85% of the total area of the system. In this situation, the glass curtain wall system almost undertakes the important energy-saving task of the building outer envelope.

The overall heat transfer coefficient of doors and Windows of ultra-low energy consumption buildings is generally required to be lower than 1.0W/(㎡.k), ordinary glass can not achieve this effect. It was not until the birth of vacuum glass and gradually applied to the solution of building transmittance envelope that the glass curtain wall found the optimal choice to achieve high efficiency and energy saving. Different from the traditional insulating glass, vacuum glass because there is no gas between the two pieces of glass, vacuum glass effectively isolated heat conduction and heat convection, coupled with low-E glass of heat radiation of high efficiency barrier, heat transfer coefficient of vacuum glass alone can be as Low as 0.5W /(m2.k), even lower than three glass two cavity insulating glass. The thermal insulation level of vacuum glass can achieve similar thermal performance with the insulation wall, which also greatly liberates the heat insulation pressure of the window and window curtain wall profiles.

According to the actual test of the National Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the vacuum glass window is used in cold areas such as Beijing, and the winter energy saving can reach more than 50%. Therefore, whether glass Windows or glass curtain walls, light permeable envelope is no longer the short board of building energy conservation, the overall energy consumption of the building can be significantly reduced to meet the requirements of ultra-low energy consumption buildings.After adopting the energy-saving technology of vacuum glass doors and Windows curtain wall, its value is not only reflected in the high efficiency and energy saving of buildings, but also has irreplaceable advantages in living environment:

Noise Isolation:

The weight of the weight of the vacuum glass alone is more than 37dB, and the composite vacuum glass can reach more than 42dB. The use of vacuum glass Windows or curtain walls can effectively isolate outdoor noise and improve indoor sound environment. Through the following video, we can experience the performance of vacuum glass in sound insulation very intuitively.

Anti Condensation:

anti condensation factor of vacuum glass >75. Even in the cold winter when it is minus 20℃ outside, the temperature difference between the surface temperature of the glass room and the indoor air will not exceed 5℃, which is much higher than the condensation temperature.

Much More Comfort

Vacuum glass super heat insulation performance is easy to maintain indoor constant temperature and humidity. The difference between the indoor surface temperature and room temperature is less than 3 ~ 5℃, which eliminates the serious hot and cold radiation phenomenon, reduces the temperature gradient in front of the window, and significantly improves the indoor environment comfort.

With the continuous development of building technology and the innovation of material technology, it is not difficult to see the importance of vacuum glass window, window and curtain wall energy-saving technology in the field of zero-energy buildings and ultra-low-energy buildings. Facing the important topic of “building energy conservation”, we have made full preparation. We believe that with the completion of zero-energy building of Zerothermo R&D building, these advanced technologies will be more fully developed.

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