Rhomeson Consulting partners with MBBSDIRECT on developing a university application admission portal for students

Rhomeson Consulting partners with MBBSDIRECT on developing a university application admission portal for students

What a great relief for students looking to apply for admission in international universities. Rhomeson Consulting’s partnership with MBBSDIRECT signals a new beginning for university applications. Now it will become easier than ever for students trying to apply for admission to foreign universities. Rhomeson Consulting will develop a university application admission portal for students. This is indeed a great milestone for both Rhomeson Consulting and Mbbsdirect.

Mbbsdirect has already gained popularity for its efficiency in helping Indian students gain admission into foreign universities to study MBBS. With Rhomeson Consulting on their side, they are going to become a force that greatly impacts the lives of students and positively influences many companies. It is going to be exciting to see what they can achieve together.

The university application admission portal that will be developed for students will mean that students don’t have to wait to be informed on the progress of their application. They can log on to the portal to check their progress as all the needed details will be provided on the portal. It is undoubtedly a welcomed development that will save time and expenses by eliminating the need to make calls and go back and forth to stay up to date on their application progress. Many students hoping to gain admission for an MBBS degree must be delighted with this news.

Furthermore, this also reiterates that Rhomeson Consulting is concerned about the future of the nation’s youth. This is not only because they have a lot of young people working for the company, but because it is something to be proud of when one shares citizenship with people doing exploits in the world, and it encourages them even to do more. This partnership is more than just any partnership; it is a partnership of the future, and everybody is eager to see what the hopes that the future brings.

Lastly, with all the recognition both parties have been able to gather over the years, this is going to be a partnership of the very best at what they do. Rhomeson Consulting’s featuring in the top 10 digital technology companies in the US is no small accomplishment. Mbbsdirect also secures relationships with leading universities across Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Poland and many more advance countries. This is a partnership that everyone was hoping would happen. Now that it has, there is surely more to come.

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