Author Bevan Frank Releases Best-Selling Thriller Novel on Audiobook

Oct 19, 2022 – Author Bevan Frank has released his debut thriller, “The Mind of God: A Thriller Novel,” just in time for holiday gift giving. The award-winning novel is the No. 1 best seller on Amazon. It’s now available in audiobook in addition to the paperback and eBook formats.

The novel follows the investigations of Liz Greene and her friend, Tim Fletcher, as they search for her missing father, Professor Harry Greene. The professor is working on a research project that would affect the entire world when he disappears.

The duo begins to wonder if it’s simply coincidence that the professor disappears the same day that the U.S. president is also in Cape Town. The friends find, decode and follow clues, while evading pursuers that will use any means available to obtain their objective.

“The Mind of God” received the Indie Reader Discovery Award for Popular Fiction. It also won the Judges Choice Award at the Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Awards. The novel has been compared to the works of masters that includes Dan Brown and James Patterson. The author combines suspenseful thriller elements with the concept of Global Consciousness for a uniquely intriguing story. Frank explores the concept of Global Consciousness and relates it to world events.

The idea that there’s a correlation between the thoughts of people and desired outcomes isn’t new. It’s an underlying principle in visualization techniques. The author takes the concept to an entirely new level and applies it on a global scale.

“What if we could influence or shape our future with our collective thoughts and emotions?” questions Frank. “What is Global Consciousness and how do major events impact it? Can we use Global Consciousness to shift our perception as part of a world rebooting itself?”

Frank has written one of the best thrillers available to date, incorporating real world research that will keep readers up far past their bedtime. Data in a Global Consciousness project is currently being compiled by the Institute of Noetic Sciences. “The Mind of God: A Thriller Novel” explores the potential consequences of a future world of Global Consciousness and what mankind would do to control it.

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About Bevan Frank

Author Bevan Frank was a 4th generation lawyer who began writing as a child. After working in the profession, he left the legal world and became a journalist and editor with over 20 years of experience. At the age of 44, he suffered a stroke. Writing became part of his therapy. He still faces daily challenges, but as his recovery continues, Bevan is determined to carry on doing what he always dreamed of as a child – creating and writing books as a best-selling author.

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