KP RE Capital Group announces $100m dollar raise for REIT in Nov 2022

This new Real Estate Investment Trust launches for the purpose of private lending during the 1st half of November

The lending world is usually dictated by rate fluctuations, tightening credit boxes, and capital provider stability or lack thereof, most of these issues can be avoided by thinking outside the box.

KP RE Capital Group a private lending company launching a new investment trust while keeping in mind the numerous challenges faced in the lending world.  KP RE Capital Group is inspired by these challenges and works to push towards their capital raise with other strategic partnerships outside the private lending world, this will provide more opportunities for investors, lenders  and borrowers.

The company is launching a new $100 million-dollar REIT ( Real Estate Investment trust) for lending & aggregation in the 1st part of November. The trust will help borrowers, lenders and those holding NPLs that need to be offloaded. An investment in the RIET will be securitized by capital deployed in many considerable asset classes such as single and multi-family, development, fix & flip and bridge as well as mixed-use, land commercial and light industrial.  All financing provided will be by way of a first lien position while also helping the investors safely maximize steady income returns in the process.

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The company prides itself on the past and present building of several communities, infrastructures, finance, and ideas working with great technology in all aspects of the business to redefine the future of real estate.  State-of-the-art platforms, investment management software and a networking strategy make up the foundation of the company’s business model. The group uses processes and softwares such as SAMI, Armanino accounting, and  Appfolio to properly look after the debt and equity for investors.

Co-Founder Kunal Hingorani states, “Our vision is to build a new model of enterprise that maximizes value by integrating financial results and social impact.”

“We are a business of builders and of creators, taking possibility and turning it into something good and worthwhile.” Co-founder Philip Doyle added.

The KP RE Capital Group portal enables users to track loans from anywhere, anytime, investors or borrowers. The portal provides access to documents in digital form, options, and authorizations and also sends notifications throughout the process so the user doesn’t miss out on anything.

With over 70 years of experience, KP RE Capital Group has become the perfect choice in the lending business and long-term project development and construction success. The capital group provides short-term financing options for acquisitions and rehab projects: fast closings and competitive pricing with no tax returns needed in the process. Also, bridge loans are part of the program to keep projects on track, with short-term loans in the range of $500k  to $10 million.

The company has placed itself comfortably between banks and hard money lenders. In contrast, they are adapting an institutional approach to credit risk management and also looking at maintaining a hard money lender’s flexibility and service levels. The company’s customers enjoy simplicity, speed, and personal service, while the investors benefit from the responsible approach that eliminates all the challenges and risks.

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About KP RE Capital Group

A company that strives for the best and focuses on building enduring deals. As developers and builders, they know the clients need to achieve a successful exit and are always present to ensure maximum profits. KP RE Capital Group copes with challenges, transforms them into opportunities, and builds partnerships that go a long way. The company focuses on the markets of Southern California and New Jersey.

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