Talissa O’Shrigar’s New Book “Prophecy of the Twins” Is A Book That Will Keep Readers on the Hook

Talissa O'Shrigar's New Book "Prophecy of the Twins" Is A Book That Will Keep Readers on the Hook

This amazing story of twin siblings who are unaware of what fate holds for both of them and who fall in love with the Royals will keep you hooked till the end. You better not miss any chance to add this book to your library.

Rodon is the land of fortune tellers, where fortune tellers have thrived for ages to serve the Kingdom. We already know what type of life we’ll have in Rodon, who our friends will be, who we’ll marry, what kind of children we’ll have, and how and when we’ll die. Everyone understands what awaits them and bases their decisions on it. Everyone but me and my fraternal twin sister, Alana.

Prophecy of the Twins” by Talissa O’Shrigar is a book full of predictions, prophecies, rationality and so much more.

The Prophecy of the Twins” is the world’s most exciting new novel. This can’t-put-down story is filled with mystery, suspense, romance, and heartbreak. What will happen to the twins? Is it too late for their fate to be changed? When two worlds collide, who will win?

About the Author

Talissa O’Shrigar is a Hungarian writer who loves to read fantasy and sci-fi novels. According to her, fantasy books have many possibilities to create something new and help people escape from their daily fatigue.

Talissa started to write novels many years ago because she likes to entertain people around her with her stories. So far, she has written a romance novel series (in Hungarian and published as a blog) and two fantasy novels in English.

Find out what happens when the mysterious twins, Aleron and Alana, create a spark with the royal siblings – Prince Veron and Princess Velina. The author has published this book on Amazon. Get your copy of “Prophecy of the Twins” today!

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