Announcing “Shaunø Official”, a musical artist making a wave in the entertainment industry as his Singles are capturing the minds of music lovers.

His songs are full of beats and linger on, filling music lovers with a higher level of satisfaction

October 21, 2022 – Unveiling “Shaunø Official”, a unique singer with exceptional singing skills based in Carpentersville. He has created a stir in the entertainment industry. Shaunø Official already has a variety of releases under his belt and a long list of collaborations to his name. As a contemporary artist, Shaunø Official is creating innovative music at the scene’s cutting edge. Shaunø Official is an independent artist creating creative music at the scene’s cutting edge.

Shaunø Official started composing and recording his original music from his adolescent days. The songwriting and performance process was a liberating way to express his thoughts, feelings, and ideas. He found piece as a way out emotionally and mentally. Since discovering his natural talent, he has honed and developed his craft. Now, he is an accomplished lyricist and composer. There’s no denying that he is now at the height of his game.

“My grandfather was big, and my cousins were also into music. I started getting into it when he passed away and fell in love with it. I kept going ever since.” says Shaunø Official. He said, “I have a single named “Freak Lil Hoe” featuring Katie Got Bandz. Planning on being released mid-November or early December”.

Shaunø Official song is always meaningful and has a whole theme, perfectly matched with strong and creative visual content designed entirely by the artist. Fans can tell that Shaunø Official is a talented and proficient artist that loves to have control over his creations, aspiring to create hits that people will never forget, perform on the stages where the great legends stepped on, and bring to the audiences the same emotions he used to feel when seeing his favorite artists on stage.

Being committed to music since adolescence, he refuses and criticizes all conventions and illusions of provincial people and society. He rightly considers himself a citizen of the universe, and just like a modern wandering minstrel, his destination is wherever his music will take him. His true family and friends are his timeless songs and all those who love and support his art.

About Shaunø Official

Keshaun Lyons, better known as Shaunø Official, comes from chicago, Illinois, and brings a strong work ethic and a desire to show the world his voice. Shaunø Official began his musical journey during his sophomore year of high school, but it wasn’t until after graduation that he began to take his craft seriously. He was inspired by the likes of Tory Lanez, Speaker Knockerz, Chris Brown, and His Cousins. Shaunø Official has set out to make his voice heard.

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