The cryptocurrency exchange BitCetus has fully opened its customized trading business and has received strong support from 29 countries

BitCetus, a new digital asset exchange, received an investment of US$950 million from BAIF Group on October 20. The BitCetus Club has always been running in VIP mode, and has customized numerical asset investment strategies for high-end customers. The purpose of holding this financing is to create a diversified digital asset trading platform that is open to registration and trading for all digital asset enthusiasts. The platform is not limited to cryptocurrency transactions, but will also support businesses such as energy, precious metals, NFT art collections, pledged lending, node voting, liquidity mining, wealth management products, and OTC transactions. BitCetus Digital Assets Investment Management LTD is responsible for management and operation. The platform will break the geographical and legal restrictions of traditional exchanges and add some blockchain financial products with stable income. BitCetus brings high returns to digital asset investors, while effectively helping Reasonable tax avoidance for customers.

BitCetus Exchange is one of the most personalized cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform has been adhering to the principles of user first, security first, and service first, and is committed to creating a global, borderless and integrated ecosystem.

In 2022-09, with the strong support of BAIF Group, BitCetus will obtain external investment for the first time to expand its business scope and market promotion, increase its own contract trading products, and make a strategic layout for the future 100 billion-scale web3.0 market. BitCetus will Focus on lowering the threshold for ordinary users to enter cryptocurrencies, promote the rapid development of the web3.0 market, and allow ordinary people to participate in decentralized financial transactions. The funds will be used to promote the network and improve the ability to automate transactions.

BitCetus has obtained financial service licenses in 29 countries and regions including the United Kingdom, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Japan, Iran, Iraq, and Turkey. The company plans to legally conduct business in more than 100 countries around the world in 2023. Since holding a legal license is of great significance to the exchange, the company attaches great importance to complying with the laws of different countries and regions, and reasonably avoids taxes within the scope of legal support. By obtaining the official license of the relevant country, it reflects the exchange’s own Political power and credibility. Licensed exchanges are also a natural barrier to screening for many exchanges. However, compliance also means that users’ investments will be protected by law.

In the first half of 2022, BitCetus successfully established the underlying protocol with a number of well-known DeFi exchanges. The main purpose of this research and development is to integrate mainstream NFT product trading platforms and quickly and accurately screen out high-quality DeFi products. What BitCetus wants to do is to make DeFi transactions very easy and fast. Everyone can complete the high returns brought by exchanging NFT products through simple operations. For some users who dare to invest, they can choose cryptocurrencies for short-term contract transactions.

Due to the sharp drop in the price of digital currency this year, a large number of investors have suffered heavy losses, and investors have lost interest in traditional static investments. However, BitCetus avoids high-risk transactions through technical means, ensuring that investors’ digital assets are not affected as much as possible, and the system provides a variety of stable income products.

BitCetus has launched a crypto ecosystem of independent blockchains that scale and interoperate with each other and are connected by a blockchain shared communication protocol to protect customer privacy. The network uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism that requires the use of specific cryptocurrencies, which can break down barriers between blockchains, allowing platform users to easily use token applications from various independent blockchains to transact with each other.

At present, BitCetus is actively exploring the global market, hoping to provide more users around the world with safe and convenient digital asset trading services.

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