Capture and Record Every Joyful Moment with Liene Photo Printer

Having some enjoyable time with family and friends can be a great way to enjoy life, but it shouldn’t stop there. People need to capture and record every joyful moment with friends and family, so that they can revisit these moments again in the future and enjoy the nostalgic feeling of it.

No matter the occasion people have, whether it is a holiday, a birthday party, a wedding, anniversary, or any other social gathering, Liene Photo Printer can help capture and record every joyful moment that matters to people.

About Brand: Liene

Liene is a brand that focuses on producing photo printers and their accessories. This company has distribution chains around the world, so people can buy their products from anywhere.

The name LIENE stands for Let Inspiration Enrich New Eras, and it matches with the brand’s vision to provide innovative products that can contribute to the richness and happiness of everyone around the globe.


Photo Printer with Portable Design and Wireless Printing

Liene is committed to transmitting more happiness and joy through photo sharing and has launched this portable mini printer. Its lightweight and sleek design allows people to carry the photo printer for smartphone in their bag to the party, which will not take up too much space or burden them.

The photo printer enables fast printing by connecting to Bluetooth 5.0. A more stable signal and wider coverage will free people from worrying about printing without Wi-Fi when camping outdoors or on a road trip.


Easy Photo Printing Operations with Slide Paper Loading

It is very easy to operate the Liene Photo Printer device, and even beginners can use this device right away. It has a slide paper loading system, and owner just need to slide the cover to load the photo papers onto the device. Then, connect the printer to Android or iOS device to edit and organize photos before printing them.


Fast Printing Speed with Best Printing Quality

Liene Photo Printer is the device people can use to print any photo fast. With one-click printing, they can get photos printed with just one click. It requires only 45 seconds to print one photo.

Also, this photo printer doesn’t need any ink to operate, which means people don’t need to deal with the risks of a faulty print head when using this printer. It also offers the best printing quality with a higher color accuracy than other sellers, while keeping them for a long time without fading.

Unique Photo Decoration by Liene App

The Liene picture printer comes with a multifunctional app to help modify and edit pictures. Download the Liene Photo app to print, its 8 filters will change the atmosphere of photos with one click. 4 kinds of border functions allows to personalize the photo layout. Enhancement effectively improves the brightness of photos.


Let’s discover more surprises with this mini instant photo printer, to help record life journey! Click the link to find more information in detail!

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