SORNO Announces the Introduction of Spine 3D In its Kids Center

Leading provider of physiotherapy and medical services, SORNO, introduces the revolutionary Spine 3D to its kids center to deliver the best experience to children and adolescents in Milanówek

Kacper Stankiewicz and the rest of the team at SORNO in Milanówek have taken a giant step towards delivering the best physiotherapy and medical solutions to patients as the organization recently announced the introduction of the Spine 3D in its kids center. The move is particularly laudable, as it enables patients to enjoy the benefits of using the most modern diagnostic equipment in the industry.

Physiotherapy remains one of the most important aspects of the medical field. Over the years, a plethora of solutions has been developed to help patients with their diverse needs. While the situation is not particularly different in Poland, SORNO has been able to stand out for delivering the best and latest techniques and solutions to patients, a claim substantiated by the recent introduction of the Spine 3D equipment in its SORNO Kids Center from October 15, 2022.

The sophisticated diagnostic equipment is designed to examine posture defects, created by Sensor Medica to offer a non-invasive way of assessing vertebral diseases and changes in body structures. The marker-free, radiation-free scanning method enables 3D imaging of the patient’s shoulders, back, and pelvis, with a full analysis concerning the results in the sagittal, frontal and transverse planes.

In line with the goal of helping children and adolescents fix their posture issues, SORNO organized a FREE DAY OF POSTURE DEFECTS TESTING with the use of SPINE 3D equipment. It enabled clients to enjoy the indispensable device for observation at all stages of patient treatment, completely eliminating the need for constant control of radiographs.

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SORNO is a provider of physiotherapy and medical services. Headquartered in Milanówek, the organization offers orthopedic and rehabilitation as well as children’s physiotherapy and pediatrics, with clinics in different parts of Poland, including Stare Babice, Mościska, and Milanowek.

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