The Balance Korea launches AnyBaro Super, a Device for Low Back Pain Rehabilitation, on Amazon USA and Japan

Ulsan, Korea – Recently, The Balance Korea has launched AnyBaro Super, a new training board for full postural balance on Amazon USA and Japan.

AnyBaro Super is a personal postural balance training device that strengthens flexibility and muscular strength so as to improve mobility for good posture. This device combines the advantages of balance balls for core strengthening and stretch boards for mobility and flexibility improvement. The early model was inspired by single degree slant boards which were used in low back pain rehabilitation. The device has three- level-mode function:

– 1 level (11-degree-mode) is for those who have limited ankle mobility and muscular strength in the early stage of rehabilitation.

– 2 level (21-degree-mode) is for those who regularly walk.

– 3 level (25-degree-mode) is for those who regularly run.

AnyBaro Super stabilizing core muscles by strengthening foot arches and ankles

It’s said that 540 million people in the world suffer from low back pain. 85% of the back pain is simple one that can get better in pain and frequency by just having right posture, good habits and doing exercise. AnyBaro Super can strengthen both muscles and balance with just 3 minutes a day. Each step can be adjusted to each user’s physical ability. Users can stand or lie down on the device while doing their rehabilitation workout. At the early stage of rehabilitation, closed kinetic chain exercise helps to arrange the lower body joints to improve motor performance. securing the joint stability during exercises. At the mid & final stage of rehabilitation, open kinetic chain exercises helps to build up core muscles. With this device, the kinetic chain exercises are well conducted safely. Especially, the arch-shaped footrest designed according to human body data makes soles, ankles, lower body joints aligned well during closed kinetic chain exercise. It also calf strengthening, core muscles and makes spine and other joints at necks, backs and hips easy to relax.

The device has drawn great attention from consumers all over the world since it has about 3,000 sponsors (accumulated) and US $240,000 accumulated donation through crowd funding platforms such as Wadiz (Korea), Kickstarter (USA), and Makuake (Japan). The company will have a promotion such as up to 45% discount and free delivery(only USA) on its launch.

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