Best Before Food Is Tackling The Food Waste Crisis And Helping With Rising Food Costs

With discounted deals on food and beverages that are past their best before dates or close to them, Best Before Food has tons of options to save money on groceries. With more than half of the food thrown away each year still good to use and eat, food waste is a full crisis.

Each year 63% of the food thrown away in Canada was useable and edible food. In the United States, 108 billion pounds of food is wasted each year. This is the equivalent of 130 billion meals. In fact, 40% of all food is wasted every single year in the United States. These shocking statistics are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a growing food waste crisis. 

Best Before Food is working hard to help reduce food waste and provide food to families at reduced prices. Their goal is to get as much edible and useable food that would otherwise be thrown away to people’s tables instead to combat this growing issue. 

What Best Before Food provides

Best Before Food provides groceries, beverages, and even supplements and household supplies that are past or close to their best before dates. They don’t sell anything past its use-by date, so everything they have available is still completely edible.

Because they are close to the best before date, all items are at incredibly discounted rates. This is a great option for anyone looking to either reduce waste or save money on their groceries with food costs rising. Everything in store is heavily discounted up to 90% off retail!

Many of the items they have available are name brand, such as Ensure shakes and Tazo tea concentrates. The variety of items they have to offer includes all kinds of condiments, drinks, snacks, pasta, and pantry staples. 

On their social media channels, they are tasting foods that have gone past its best before dates, so people do not throw it away. Their Tik Tok account @bestbeforefood is a great resource. 

Best before dates vs. Use by dates

There is a very important distinction between the best before date and the use by date. A best before date indicates the last date of peak quality and flavor. This doesn’t mean the product is no longer good after this date. The food is still completely safe to. 

A use-by date indicates when that food will expire and is not safe to consume after. Best Before Foods only provides products that are before their use by date. Many stores throw out products that are nearing the best before date while the food is still good to eat. These are the products that Best Before Foods provides. 

Reading Best Before Dates as expiry dates probably contributes to food waste and every year a staggering amount of the world’s food is wasted after it has been harvested. That’s wasted fruit & vegetables, fish & seafood, cereals, canned and packaged foods, dairy products, and meat.


The food waste crisis and the rising cost of food can be solved together. Affordable food products that help with a good cause are just a click away with Best Before Foods. These name-brand foods are still good to eat and will save people money when they purchase with Best Before Foods. With the combination of a good cause and unbeatable prices, Best Before Foods is the ideal choice for online grocery shopping. 

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