Fish for Trout at the Best Season with the Black Series HQ21

When chubby trout leap out of the water in autumn it’s time for Macklin to go fishing with his friend Jorel. Jorel will drive his recently purchased Black Series HQ21 off-road RV, which Macklin has long been dreaming of. So here comes the opportunity for Macklin to try the trailer out. Early in the morning, Jorel gets to Macklin’s place in his Black Series HQ21. Seeing the trailer with his own eyes, Mackline is deeply impressed. The trailer is tall and rugged, with its lower half covered in aluminum sheets. Its black and gray colors look very cool. It has multiple large double-layer windows and several large-capacity storage spaces. That is very convenient. The through-type storage space is quite a boon for anglers, because they can store the fishing rod without dismantling it, and that saves much time. 


As always, Jorel and Macklin are going to a river with its banks dotted by foliage turning from dark green to golden, orange-red and brown. There are also evergreen plants. It is such a splendid view. The mountains in the distance are half-visible amid the thin morning mist. To their surprise, it is so effortless to drive on the bumpy road. Jorel explains this Black Series HQ21 off-road RV. Its chassis is equipped with 2 pairs of independent suspension systems and all-terrain off-road tires. On bumpy roads, the independent suspension system minimizes the vibration. The high ground clearance empowers the trailer with a stronger off-road performance. The high-strength steel chassis has two layers, preventing chassis corrosion when the trailer goes through water. The tractor of the Black Series HQ21 is also designed for severe road conditions to prevent the towed trailer from shaking.


Jorel pulls out the 4-meter awning of the trailer and sets up the table and chairs. Having taken out cold beer from the refrigerator, he drinks while fishing. It is so enjoyable. One has to be patient and focused when fishing. The two anglers enjoy the process of fishing most, and of course it would be better to catch some fish. Luckily they get a big catch at last and they are going to have a hearty dinner of trout. Jorel will be cooking. This trailer is equipped with the inside-outside kitchen system, which gives full play to the cooking skills of Jorel.


After dinner, Jorel explains to Macklin the details of the Black Series HQ21, which is well-known in the off-road RV industry. Besides the cool appearance, it has a comfy interior. Lit up by recessed lights, it is very luxurious with the walnut textured solid wood furniture, black leather cassette deck and anti-collision area. At the U-shaped sofa deck area, the lowered small table can turn into a large double bed. There are wide windows on both sides of the double bed, and the light is very bright. A beautiful starry sky roof is also above the double bed. It is also a surprise that the bathroom is separated from the toilet. The trailer is well equipped with the three-energy refrigerator, washing machine, TV, Bluetooth audio system, inverter air conditioner, fan heater, instant water heater and other amenities. It is like mobile home. According to Jorel, he is most impressed by its long performance. The Black SeriesHQ21 off-road RV is equipped with solar panels on the roof, which can replenish power at any time. The large-capacity drinking water tank and domestic sewage tank can meet the long-term outdoor water needs. This trailer enables off-the-grid camping for a long time. Jorel says that with the Black Series HQ21, he can go fishing and camping even in winter, and its thermal insulation and other designs are very useful. Jorel feel proud to have bought the trailer. Well informed now, Macklin thinks it is exactly what he wants. He decides to consult the sales rep about the Black Series HQ21 off-road trailer after this trip, and get himself the trailer. 


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