Dee Agarwal on The Benefits of Excellent Customer Service

Deepak “Dee” Agarwal, experienced entrepreneur and C-suite executive, outlines the benefits of investing in a distinguished customer service team.

ATLANTA, GA – OCTOBER 24th, 2022 – The success or failure of a business largely depends on keeping customers happy, which in turn means creating a consistently positive customer experience. While many businesses still deprioritize customer service to focus on business expansion tactics, it may be the most effective tool for long-term customer retention, acquisition, and profitability.  

Why exactly does a company’s customer service experience play such a large role in its success? Why must leaders put great customer service at the core of their businesses? It’s simple. Keeping customers satisfied helps businesses generate more revenue in the long run. 

Deepak “Dee” Agarwal, experienced entrepreneur and C-suite executive, outlines the benefits of investing in a distinguished customer service team.

1. It’s Cost Effective 

In the long run, providing an excellent customer service experience for customers is cost-efficient. After a positive customer service experience, 89% of consumers report they are more likely to return and make another purchase. Retaining customers is more affordable than acquiring new ones, and exemplary customer service plays an integral role in keeping existing customers happy.

“A positive customer service experience not only keeps current customers happy and coming back, but also helps new and potential customers see the company in a better light. How a company treats its customers directly impacts its brand and reputation,” Dee Agarwal explains.

2. Elevates Brand Value & Image 

As the first line of contact between customers and a business, the customer service team often serves as the face of the brand, either adding value to the product or service or lessening the company’s stock in the eyes of consumers. 

Aside from the overall impact customer service has on brand image, it also impacts one of the most important forms of marketing: word of mouth. When a customer has a positive experience, 72% will share their experience with six or more people, and in the age of social media, this is notably amplified. Now consumers have the power to share negative and positive experiences alike, far beyond their close network, by broadcasting it on social media channels with a higher, faster, and real-time reach when compared to traditional word of mouth. 

“Would you trust a company your parent or friend has a disappointing experience with? Customer service has a far-reaching impact on the brand’s perception. One poor experience can now reach thousands of potential customers in a digital environment–almost immediately,” Deepak Agarwal points out.

3. Helps Gain Valuable Insight 

Interactions with customers serve as a goldmine of data, and insights gained from that data can help companies further improve the customer service experience. Customer service agents have the opportunity to interact with the business’s consumers on a daily basis, learning the most common issues and positive features of the product or service. A proactive approach to improving customer experiences means not only helping them resolve their current inquiry, but assessing how the problem or situation can be avoided or improved in the future.

“With data gleaned from customer service interactions, a company can improve a lot more than just customer service. Insights from data can help companies design better products and services that meet the needs of more customers and fuel marketing initiatives,” Deepak Agarwal shares. 

With so many benefits of implementing an exceptional customer service experience to benefit not only customers but businesses as well, it’s evident that recruiting and training top customer service talent and putting a strategy in place that empowers employees to properly support the customer experience is crucial to the growth and success of any organization. 

So how can companies begin to raise the bar for customer service? “In the end, consistency is what makes the difference. If you cannot commit to providing great customer service to all customers at all times, then any effort you put into your business and products becomes overshadowed and at risk. The best customer experience is reliable and consistent, and the most savvy businesses will plan accordingly,” Dee Agarwal says.

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