Fern Valley Ventures: An Epic Journey of Eight Junior High Adventurers

Who doesn’t love a good adventure book? Be it adults or children – adventure books are everyone’s favorite. Adventure books are packed with thrilling plot lines and mysterious, unexpected twists that will keep the readers glued to the book until the end. Adventure books for kids come in different genres, so that every child can choose the book according to their taste.

The adventure genre consists of a plot line where the protagonist goes on an epic journey. The journey can be physical or mental, transforming the character at the end of the book. Adventure series mostly pair up with the action genre since long epic journeys have a lot of action. Moreover, they can be paired up with any genre as it is versatile, like romance, that can be infused with every kind of story and genre.

The first volume of Fern Valley Ventures was appreciated worldwide by readers. The book is based on the adventures of eight Junior School Children, which makes the school-going kids more attracted to the story. Not only this, the unique thing about this book is that it appeals to children as well the adults.

All four stories in the volume will keep the audience hooked to the story as every page comes with a mysterious turn. One of the Amazon reviewers has reviewed the book, saying, ‘The stories are classic children’s adventures – with that compelling ‘what happens next?’ factor. It’s wholesome fare with good moral values – ‘good clean fun – and with the option of taking the morality deeper at the end. Highly recommended!!’

It is a must-read for your children that will take them into another adventurous world!

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