“From Shame To Grace” Coming this December.

With his latest book, From Shame to Grace: A Life Lived with Love-God, and Rock and Roll, author Patrick Henderson delivers a heart-wrenching story of a young boy who finds himself and answers his true calling despite being marginalized by the homophobic and racist culture of Texas.

Every event of this story has been told from the perspective of the boy raised in a diehard Pentecostal family. His mother was told by her pediatrician that her son was queer and his life would not be easy. The boy knows his mother loves him unconditionally, but society will not accept him for who he is. The book includes perspectives of the family members exasperated with their inability to stop the toxic culture in which they live.

Author Patrick Henderson is the second born of seven children to Horace and Rosie Henderson. He was raised in Dallas, Texas, with both parents while his father served as a Pastor in the Church of God in Christ ministry, and his mother cared for the family’s home. At an early age, Patrick became active in the music ministry, eventually becoming the state organist for the COGIC Jurisdiction of Texas Northeast at fourteen. Currently, Patrick volunteers a readingpartners.org,” tutoring children ages 6-10 in reading.  He is also the founder and director of “Urban Harmony Music Academy” and continues to host the #2-rated, a radio talk show in Baltimore.

His book, From Shame to Grace, powerfully shows a variety of causes and effects of willpower, commitment and relentless struggle. Optimism and hope are prevalent themes of the narrative, but the story does not shy away from putting forward the harsh realities of life and their tragic outcomes.

“This is truly an eye-opening and honest read where the author experts crafts an emotional and painful dialogue between the boy who constantly struggles to find his way into the world and his loved ones who support him no matter what.” Every chapter perfectly showcases how challenging life can be for someone who is not just marginalized on the basis of color but gender as well. It also shines a light on a growing problem in our world.

“Every story and event in my book offers a different challenge, a different dilemma, and if my reader can connect with just one of them, that’s all that matters to me,” Henderson said. He added, “If it motivates someone to seek out God or reignites the fire of faith in their hearts, then mission accomplished.”

From Shame to Grace: A Life Lived with Love-God, and Rock and Roll will be hitting on all top book publishing platforms across America and Canada this December, including Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes & Noble Press, among many others.

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