“Cause-Driven Marketing” is the New Brand Differentiator and This Digital Agency Explains Why

"Cause-Driven Marketing" is the New Brand Differentiator and This Digital Agency Explains Why
The Growth Shark has found that adding an altruistic driver for companies not only helps build ethos but also grow sales and engagement.

OCTOBER 25, 2022 – There are two up-and-coming brands we’d like to spotlight.

First, meet Joyride Coffee. The brainchild of three brothers, the brand was founded in 2011 as New York’s first mobile specialty cafe, which quickly gained popularity among working professionals at the top innovation companies like Google, Slack, and Warby Parker for their exceptional craft coffee and Direct Trade Relationships.

After making a name for themselves in the office and wholesale space, their new objective was to venture into getting their products into the homes of coffee drinkers everywhere.

Next, meet Hexskin Premium Swimwear, a rising Miami-based brand offering high-quality men’s swim trunks, wetsuits, and performance fishing shirts that utilize recycled materials.

What do these brands have in common? They both chose to invest in building their “cause-driven” approach as opposed to business as usual.

Yvette Yturralde, Joyride’s Associate Marketing Manager, was “immensely impressed” by how teaming up a strong goodwill element with a data-focused approach really helped them move the needle.

The Joyride team worked closely with The Growth Shark, a performance marketing agency based out of Detroit, to design email marketing flows and an automation infrastructure with targeted goals and custom messaging.

The first result: Their “Welcome” flow open rates increased by over 70% with a +90% Abandoned Cart engagement rates.

The same went for Hexskin Premium Swimwear. The Growth Shark’s digital marketing strategy incorporated the creation of The Mangrove Initiative: For every purchase, they would facilitate the planting of two mangrove trees – which help stabilize the coastline ecosystem and prevent erosion. Their growth could now be tied directly to their cause.

The second result: Hexskin’s Founder and CEO, David Villegas, seeing a spike in both pages-per-session and average session duration culminating in an increased conversion rate of 103% in the first 3 months alone.

Villegas raved that this new cause-driven focus “went above and beyond what I asked and ended up totally upgrading the Hexskin brand”.

Think about it: When looking to buy two very similar products but, while exploring the brands, it’s discovered that one is choosing to support and maintain sustainable Direct Trade Relationships or the other is focused on preventing shoreline erosion.

Remember that people don’t care about your brand, they care about themselves.

Chances are that the user is going to choose the one that resonates with them most and works toward a greater good, ultimately making them feel like they’re a part of something bigger.

When brands are looking to differentiate and stick out from the pack for all of the right reasons, it’s crucial to team up with a cause-driven performance marketing agency that will help them grow the right way.

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