Verefa has launched its newest models V60 Pro and L11 Pro for extremely fair price


Verefa almost emerges as an industry challenger who is constantly dedicated to only pragmatical aspects. Their proposition is reflected in their brand name “Verefa”, which is a shortened form of the Latin phrase “Fovere familia”, which equals “comfortable home”, showing their ambition in the segment of automatic household cleaning marketing and focus on pragmatical innovations to help families deal with cleaning chores. They don’t boast much about fancy tech, but its products are as useful and reliable as its peers, as they pay special efforts and attention on product quality. Above all, they offer a fairly moderate price.  

At the end season of 2022, Verefa debuted 2 of its newest models L11 Pro and V60 Pro which is great news for those who aspire to enjoy their lives without stretching their muscles for any floor cleaning chores at home. 

Best value auto-emptying robot vacuum

Comes with an auto-emptying station, V60 Pro provides superb dust collection capability to free users’ hands from tedious cleaning. V60 Pro boasts a disposable dust bag, which totally allows users to enjoy a hand-free cleaning throughout the entire procedure. They can properly collect up to 99.5% of the vacuumed dust, hair, and furs without any hitch.

By upgrading the navigation system, V60 Pro is thereby equipped with a more effective cleaning capacity that allows higher cleaning accuracy. Integrated with Verefa Gyrosense and the Optical Path Sensor, and the built-in navigation program, V60 Pro can deliver the finest performance without losing its way. Further, make the entire procedure smooth and unhindered.

Empowered with 2700Pa strong suction, Verefa’s Integrative Cleaning System can provide V60 Pro with the strongest cleaning power to eliminate all kinds of dusts, debris, hairs, and furs on the floor. V60 Pro also has a self-adjusted brush rolling system which can further improve cleaning gesture for a better and deeper cleansing result.

Carpet Auto Boost is another highlight of V60 Pro. The robot can detect carpets and increase the suction power automatically to allow it to deliver better carpet cleaning result. The tested result shows that this function is great for deep clean of both low and middle-pile carpets.

For pet owners, the V60 robot vacuum can be one of the best things in their life for its outstanding fur-collecting capability. With the assistance of V60 Pro, the annoying pet fur shall be a bother no more.

The price for the robot vacuum is fair enough, only $349 at Amazon. To make it even more attractive, now they are holding a pre-sale event for an exclusive few who will able to enjoy a further $100 off, and you only need to pay $1 on their website to secure a robot at only $249 in prior pre-order page:

And the estimated official launch date is 11/5th, 2022.

Hands-free cleaning for up to 10 weeks


Compared to V60 Pro, Verefa L11 Pro self-emptying robot vacuum provides up to 70 days of hands-free cleaning. 70 days, 10 weeks, 1/5 of a year’s length, this feature means that it takes only 5 times of emptying the 4L large dust bag in a year.

LiDar navigation system integrated with Verefa’s Spatial AI+ tech, allowing the L11 Pro robot vacuum to identify the interior layouts and structure of users’ living space down to a millimeter level.

In terms of cleaning power, L11 Pro has about the same parameters and cleans just as great as V60 does. But L11 Pro is in a bit of an advantage over V60 Pro, when it comes to runtime. Owing to the exceptional battery life of up to 160mins, the L11 Pro robot vacuum is able to clean 1700 Sq Ft(160m2) hard floor in one run.

Controls for both L11 Pro and V60 Pro robots are also super user-friendly with Verefa Life app. With the app, you can give multiple cleaning commands at your fingertips, and monitor real-time progress with a map. Besides, a series of customized functions provides the robot with more advanced capabilities for household cleaning. The app also supports a virtual remote control mode, through which the users can control suction power, cleaning path, and direction to perform the designated cleaning tasks.

As to the price part, they only sell L11 Pro for a modest $399 on Amazon, which is an extremely fair price for a robot with advanced functions and performance. Verefa’s offers are always competitive against options with self-emptying functions from its peers Shark, iRobot, Eufy, and iLife. The estimated listing time of the robot is 11/20th, 2022. Chances are that the robot will debut with coupons.

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