Qi Coil™ a Game-changing PEMF Therapy Device Recommended By Health Experts

Health professionals join hands in recommending Qi coils, a groundbreaking innovation designed to work together with specific sounds and frequencies to enhance meditation practice and boost personal energy levels.

David Wong, a health tech founder, continues to revolutionize wellness with his Qi Coils, an advanced portable PEMF system that helps individuals attract abundance and manifest their desires, rejuvenate their body and mind, and expand their state of consciousness.

David Wong has teamed up with an inspiring team of researchers to bring groundbreaking innovations that change the way people meditate. Qi Coils are an advanced portable PEMF system. It utilizes unique sound and electromagnetic waves to guide the body and mind to the best possible performance. 

The Qi Coil™ Mini System, for example, is a Mobile Rife & PEMF therapy for those looking for a personal transformation and wanting to improve their wellness. This product features 6 Tesla-inspired technologies in 1: pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, RIFE frequency therapy, acoustic frequency therapy, crystal resonance therapy, negative ion therapy, and ozone therapy.

Qi Coils broadcast electromagnetic frequencies via its mobile app using a patent-pending magnetic coil. There is a Yin Coil and Yang coil. Qi coils have been built to clear the negative energy away and start attracting Positive Energy.

Qi Coils are contactless and non-invasive, which means they do not need to attach to the head or wrists, so individuals can relax, sleep or exercise without worrying about it changing position or falling off. Qi oils can energize or relax all the cells in the body at once, not just in the head or wrists. Individuals may just be within its area or effect. They are also mobile and discreet, so individuals can use them anytime and anywhere without people knowing. They don’t have to wear anything on their head or body that looks weird.

Jessica O., a verified customer, lauded the team for bringing such game-changing innovations that have altered her life positively.

“I’m over the moon excited about how my Qi coils are changing my life. After a devastating injury to my face and jaw that left me with numbness, facial paralysis, and scarring, I lost all hope of any form of normalcy. Almost instantly, my nerves started tingling and pulsating in the lower portion of my face. I can’t say enough good,” wrote Jessica.

Mai Nguyen, another verified customer, said: “I loved it! The qi coil device was easy to use. I never thought that this device can help. It is simple and small but still so powerful.”

Those who wish to learn more about Qi Coils may visit qilifestore.com/collections/qi-coils or follow its social channels for more information.

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