Networkship Makes Efficient Order Fulfillment Automation a Reality For Ecommerce Brands

Combining its proprietary technology with a solid network of shipping agents spread across the United States, the leading order fulfillment provider allows e-commerce brands to quickly get their products to consumers without lifting a finger.

October 26th, 2022 – Networkship is redefining the standards of excellence and efficiency in order fulfillment, by allowing e-commerce brands to completely automate every aspect of their delivery process. The leading order fulfillment provider operates a solid technology-based platform – armed with a network of shipping agents across the United States, that lets it seamlessly fulfill orders on behalf of its clients in record time.

Although online stores appear to have won the turf war, relegating traditional walk-in shops to the sidelines and establishing themselves as the future of retail, there still exist other major hurdles that brands who want to excel in the highly competitive industry must overcome. Beyond getting contactless access to their favorite products, fast and efficient delivery of purchased items is another major factor that determines the likelihood of shoppers making repeat purchases from a particular online store.

While early online shoppers were thrilled by the simple experience of being able to purchase goods from the comfort of their homes, today’s internet users are growing increasingly impatient and intolerant of delays in delivery and long wait times. As such, only a handful of stores that have figured out the best way to quickly get products to customers – without compromising on quality, enjoy the most patronage.

Through its SaaS platform, Networkship is making it possible for success-driven e-commerce brands to outsource the order fulfillment component of their businesses to trained logistics professionals, while they concentrate on customer acquisition and other important aspects that drive growth. Using technology-based 3PL party logistics, Networkship accepts goods in bulk from wholesale suppliers on behalf of its clients, processes orders automatically and selects the correct inventory, before finally packing and shipping items to customers.

“Our SaaS platform syncs up seamlessly to your shopping cart software via a fully customized API full-service process that imports orders automatically. Then the orders get picked, packed, and shipped with no delays or hesitations. You’ll love the fact the whole process is totally scalable and you can customize it to your needs.”

Reaffirming its commitment to helping e-commerce brands grow, the order fulfillment provider operates a pay-on-demand billing system that only charges clients for services used. With quick-flexible shipping choices, same-day handling, and expedited deliveries, Networkship guarantees its clients a full-suite turnkey solution that will reduce their shipping budget by 50% and also ensure up to 80% of returned items make it back to their inventory. To learn more, please reach out to Networkship via the contact info below.

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