Shamma Al Hallami Jewels: Jewelry that speaks to the heritage and modernity of the Arab World.

Shamma Al Hallami channels her creative imagination to design jewelry masterpieces that speak to her Arab heritage while maintaining a contemporary feel.

Shamma Al Hallami, jewelry designer and founder of Shamma Al Hallami Jewels, is proud to showcase her unique jewelry designs and share insight into her inspiration. A unique and innovative woman, Shamma has built a career in the jewelry space and is committed to ensuring that jewelry masterpieces are viewed with the appreciation they deserve.

The lens through which people view jewelry has evolved worldwide as people become more image conscious. Now, people don’t just want jewelry as a symbol of financial security; it is now a fashion statement used to mark various trends and occasions. For hundreds of years, jewelry designs have been based on a wide range of inspirations. The East has long held rich, exotic pieces, and the West has classic and innovative jewelry. Today, the jewelry world stands at the threshold of the new and unknown, wherein the new will derive inspiration from the past and the known.

Shamma stepped into the jewelry design space in 2019 after a career in event design and decoration. She previously ran a decor shop, and her passion for interior and exterior decor was transplanted into jewelry pieces. Shamma tried to find jewelry pieces that touched her imagination and couldn’t find any, so she decided to design them in cooperation with Salem Al-Shuaibi Jewelry. As an Arab woman, jewelry is a central part of her culture, which is why she creates pieces infused with her heritage and the modernity of the Arab world.

Her first jewelry collection took two months to design, 570 hours of work, 9000 diamonds, and 659 grams of white gold, a labor of love and passion. This collection gave her the foundation she needed to explore this new passion. Her second collection soon after was inspired by the Japanese Cherry Blossom; she named it Desert Blossom. The pieces featured blue diamonds and a masterful design. Shamma has also designed a Barocaille collection inspired by French architecture in the post-renaissance era. This collection is a blend of Baroque arts and Rocaille designs found in Versailles and the streets of Paris.

Shamma shares that design is an act of faith and a matter of judgment. Jewelry designers have found themselves caught between the changing trends, and in trying to incorporate every aspect of what’s vogue, they create confusion. Shamma explains that jewelry designers must remember the concepts of designing at all times. There must be a balance that crowns jewelry designs since the value of these pieces is determined by the depth of design, the fall, and the proper placement of stones.

Besides pursuing her passion, Shamma Al Hallami is also a wife and mother who puts her family first. She urges women to pursue their passions and even recommends jewelry designing as a career option. Since the jewelry world has opened up more in the past 10-15 years, more people can express their creativity and create connections that speak to who they are.

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