Austin Rotter Takes a Stance on the Chances of Metaverse as a Service (MaaS) and its Possibilities

Austin Rotter Takes a Stance on the Chances of Metaverse as a Service (MaaS) and its Possibilities
Austin Rotter, The Professional Media Strategist
Metaverse is emerging as the next big thing in the digital world. Austin Rotter, the professional media strategist discusses the idea of metaverse progressing as a service platform.

The hypothetical virtual reality platform, Metaverse is the talk of the town right now. Everyone in Silicon Valley is titillated by the idea as if we are reliving the dot-com era. It’s quickly becoming a thing and catching more attention than cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The renowned digital marketing and technology expert, Austin Rotter believes Metaverse is here to stay and expand.

“The notion that all businesses will soon be done in the Metaverse is adding fuel to the fire. Especially after the emergence of the Metaverse as a Service (MaaS) concept. Visualize a virtual world where people would be able to interact with others, do shopping, and work without leaving their homes, wouldn’t it be fascinating? This is exactly what Metaverse is offering,” Austin explained.

According to him, now that the idea of a 3D visual world is closer to becoming reality, we are envisioning its implications. That’s where the idea of MaaS kicks in and pushes it to the next level.

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“The idea behind Metaverse as a Service is simple,” Austin clarified, “it will allow traders to facilitate people by selling their services or products within the platform. People will be able to socialize, exercise, and play games while businesses will assist them. Companies will be able to interact with customers and show their products while businesses will be able to hold meetings and share their ideas in a virtual environment.”

Austin is of the opinion that the core premise of MaaS is to provide individuals with an immersive experience within the Metaverse. However, he believes some requirements have to be met before we shift our paradigm to this rising and thriving concept.

He suggests companies should focus on interoperability so that people don’t feel stuck in one community or Metaverse. They should be able to commute or jump between Metaverses using the same avatars. Contrarily, Austin is also a supporter of integrating the physical world with the Metaverse instead of completely replacing it. To back up his point, he expounds with an example.

“Suppose a person has an art piece in the real world and if he’d be able to replicate it within the Metaverse, this will offer a truly immersive experience. The development of such a technology will make trade easier within the Metaverse and people would be able to sell and buy within the virtual world. That’s what Metaverse as a Service is all about.”

The acclaimed media strategist Austin Rotter believes that Metaverse as a Service will be acting as a catalyst. MaaS will only be fueling the creativity within the virtual universe and with time, it will bridge the gaps between the virtual and physical worlds. This is a virtual world that is now ready to become part of our reality. Tech giants like Meta are already developing products and services to entertain the audience and it’s the right time for entrepreneurs to start jumping on this bandwagon.

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