Author Curtis Elliott Brings An Ultimate Guide To Getting A Better Swing In “Breakthrough in Golf.”

According to this game, Elliott created a unique but helpful way of approaching these movements and techniques, a method he named Hip to Hip. Through this approach, readers will be able to bolster their performance and learn more about this fascinating sport.

Author Curtis Elliott’s game-changing book, “Breakthrough in Golf,” which gives an impressive and helpful insight on getting the perfect swing, is now available in leading digital stores globally.

The book discusses that the basic movement in golf is the swing. In order to enhance the golfer’s movements and provide valuable advice, the author has analyzed, carefully studied, and described the way Ben Hogan plays. 

Curtis is the first golf author ever to provide this specific set of instructions, which he does in Chapters 8 and 9. There is nothing in the market like it in all of the histories of golf instruction. 

Curtis makes waves in the industry by creating a new and real meaningful contribution to golf instruction and the game of golf that extends beyond the commercial success of the book.

Celeste S., one of the readers, described “Breakthrough in Golf: Building a Winning Golf Swing with the Hip to Hip (Tm) Method” as a “very interesting book” written by an impressive author.

“Breakthrough in Golf is a very interesting book written by Curtis Elliott. I am into sports, and I like to learn all about them, especially tennis, which is my favorite and the one I like to practice. For some time now, I have been trying to pick up a new activity, and by reading this book, I realize how interesting golf is,” Celeste wrote in a review.

Quirru, another reader, said he had seen many amateur golfers unable to perform better scores, even when they dedicate more time to the sport. However, after reading “Breakthrough in Golf,” he thinks individuals stand a better chance of getting a better swing.

“I think with this method they will be able to perform a lot much better than they do. The book explains very carefully the way you need to move your hips, arms, and wrists to have a better swing. Also there are plenty of illustrations about how to apply the method. I enjoyed reading this book while thinking that maybe I will be able to help some of my golfer friends to do better by letting them know about this book,” wrote Elliott. 

Alfred, meanwhile, had this to say: “This is a book not written by a PGA pro, but by a top amateur golfer. Let us be realistic that many books by the great golfers are no use.” 

Curtis was a member of the University of South Carolina Men’s Golf Team from 1974 to 1977. He has competed impressively in several amateur golf tournaments at all levels. Curtis participated in a highly intensive study of golf instructional literature in revamping his own golf swing. He then discovered the “Secret” of a great golf swing.

Those who want to grab a copy of “Breakthrough in Golf: Building a Winning Golf Swing with the Hip to Hip (Tm) Method” may purchase it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository.  

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