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Gladiator Boutique which sells the popular Anti-Lost Smart Bluetooth Tracker has said dog owners can easily find their pets when they go missing thanks to the new tracker gadget.

Last year one third of the 48,255,413 dogs in the USA went missing. 9,632,000 of those dogs were put into shelters as their owners could not be found. A new gadget that is available in the Gladiator Boutique (https://gladiator.boutique/) store will help reduce the number of dogs that are lost and not reunited with their owners.

Research has found that dogs go missing when they are let off their lead and they cannot retrace their steps to find their owners, and their owners fail to locate them. The Anti-Lost Smart Bluetooth Tracker (https://gladiator.boutique/anti-lost-smart-bluetooth-tracker/) which is available for just $33.99 has been credited for reuniting dogs and their owners when they go missing.

The clever Bluetooth tracker is easy to use. The pet owner attaches the tracker to their pet lead and if the dog goes missing, they can use the App to locate them. The App will provide the location of where the dog is, so the owner can be reunited with them.  Dogs go through a lot of stress when they become separated from their owners and this gadget can help to reduce and solve that stress.

With the price being so low, it is the perfect gift to give to a loved one who has a dog. The gadget can also be used for vehicles as well as for luggage. Like all products in the popular store, it comes with a full guarantee and a fast free shipping service. It is sold at an unbeatable price, which helps consumers to save money.

Gladiator Boutique has lots of great products and accessories available for pet owners, including gadgets, and accessories to avoid damage to vehicles when transporting a dog.

There are lots of great products and accessories in the popular store. All of these come with a full guarantee, and fast free shipping service, and are sold at their lowest possible prices. For more details about the current products available, please visit https://gladiator.boutique/

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