Duco Glasses Introduces A New Series of Innovative Glasses For Men and Women

These innovative night vision glasses from DUCO may help you ease your eyes fatigue in the night driving time.

For people who are fond of night activities or who have to work late to night driving home, noisy strong headlights and street reflected lights are a harsh problem. According to the statistics, long time suffered light harm your eyes may cause diabetic maculopathy and glaucoma. So how to solve this problem, there’s no time to delay. On the other hand, it’s a great way to meet the overcast situation. A pair of high-quality night vision glasses can increase visual brightness and contrast and see more clear in the rainy or snowy day.

There are many night vision glasses available on the market. DUCO Glasses, emerging from all these glasses companies. Like all their products, these are also patented for being unique and innovative. 

In the following post, to help you out, we will look at what we feel are 4 of the best night vision glasses available, giving an overview of their key features, why we have highlighted them.

The 3029Y model has a simple and stylish square frame. It is built to help users see clearer at night and reduce glare from streetlights, headlights, and other noisy lights from anywhere. It comes with UV400-coated lenses, which means they are ideal for daytime.

It has strong and durable temples made of magnesium and aluminum.

The 3029Y model is offered in a luxury package which includes a hard glasses case, a mini screwdriver, a soft glasses pouch, and a cleaning cloth. 

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The 8953Y model is a lightweight wraparound night vision glass with a TR90 frame that is highly flexible and durable. It can bend 90 degrees without breaking. The TAC UV-coated lenses won’t break even when hit by a hammer. They can be worn over regular glasses to improve vision at night or on foggy or rainy days.

The 8953Y model is available in three sizes to allow customers the convenience of choosing the right size according to the shape of their face. 

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The 5201Y model comes with a classic look and a timeless square frame. This professional night vision glass deals with any weather conditions and night road conditions. The TR90 frame material is ultra-lightweight and flexible, which is comfortable for long-term wearing and driving.

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The 8177Y model’s inspiration source for the frame comes from the brand’s best-seller man’s sunglasses. It has a sporty look with a TAC UV-coated lens, durable for long-time use.

The model’s yellow lens and UV 400 protection make it perfect for daytime and night use.

It has soft silicon temple pads and adjustable nose pads, making it comfortable and practical.

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All models come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime breakage warranty.

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About Duco Glasses:

Duco Glasses is the creator of the famous Duco brand of glasses, a favorite of the present generation. The designers and artisans at Duco Glasses are known for their innovative approach to designing glasses that are unique in style and of the finest craftsmanship. DUCO made a promise to cover all the risk of return and try out for all their glasses. If you are attracted at any glasses above, no hesitation to try it! 

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