Netooze® Cloud Terraform Provider has been verified by HashiCorp

Netooze Terraform Provider has been verified by HashiCorp and added to the approved list of terraform providers. This means that the Netooze Terraform provider has been examined and found to be compliant with all technical standards for managing Netooze® infrastructure.

Now that Netooze Terraform is a part of the HashiCorp Technology Partner Program, users will have access to the resources they need to create cloud infrastructure.

HashiCorp’s automated open-source technology Terraform makes it simple and secure to create and change Netooze® cloud infrastructure. Netooze Terraform Provider allows users to manage cloud resources using the Infrastructure as Code approach. Management is done using special configuration files in which you describe the desired state of your infrastructure.

Netooze Terraform Provider characteristics:

Infrastructure is management of code. Infrastructure settings are set by users in a configuration file.

  • transaction management using declarations. Users are not required to keep track of every conceivable infrastructure transit condition. Simply identifying the resources required is sufficient.
  • Version control systems can be utilized with Terraform. Users may always return the infrastructure to a prior state.
  • Effortless operation. The same result will be obtained if the same configuration file is used many times. No chance of human mistake exists.
  • You must include Netooze Terraform Provider in the Terraform configuration file before utilizing it. When you use the “terraform init” command to initialize the working directory, the program will automatically install the provider. Following that, you will be able to develop configuration files with infrastructure specifications and launch projects on the Netooze® cloud.
  • The documentation contains comprehensive information on the Netooze Terraform Provider.


How to start?

Easily connect Netooze® as your provider by executing a couple of simple commands on the Netooze Terraform Provider page and generate an Netooze API Token by creating a free Netooze® account to enable Terraform functionalities in the Netooze® services.

Terraform installation

  • Download an archive file from the Terraform website.
  • Unpack the archive with the binary file to a separate folder which will store configurations.
  • Enter the fine in PATH.
  • Set up the completion in shell.
  • Sign up at and create a free acocunt.
  • Create an API key for the project that will work with Terraform.
  • Create a text file containing netooze provider description.
  • Copy the code from Terraform Registry and paste it into the file.
  • Execute the “terraform init” command.
  • Create and open the file.
  • Insert the information about the public part of the ssh key into the file and save the changes.
  • Create and open the file.
  • Insert the description of your infrastructure into the file
  • Run the command “terraform apply”.

Connecting Netooze provider

Creating cloud infrastructure

About Netooze®

Netooze® is an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform from the company of the same name headquartered in London, England. It is known for its support of managed Kubernetes clusters and affordable “vstack” VPS cloud servers.

vStack and VMware virtualization environments form the foundation for the cloud architecture that is known as Netooze® Hyperscaler. The VM-Servers, which are built on the most recent Intel® Scalable CPUs and have a clock speed of 3.1 GHz, make it possible to achieve a revolutionary new level of cloud computing. The servers make advantage of the ESXi hypervisor that VMware provides, in addition to the DRS and high-availability features. In the event that the underlying hardware fails, server software will immediately restore functionality and reallocate guaranteed server resources. Users that offer managed hosting services for websites or web applications that run in shared environments, as well as start-up businesses with a strong technical background, are good candidates for using Netooze. It takes no more than forty seconds to construct a virtual machine that is ready to be used, and this time limit applies to VMs that use the Windows Server operating system. In addition, Netooze® provides DNS administration for domains, S3 and object storage, and a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantees a 99.9% uptime.

Cloud computing is made simpler by Netooze so that companies and developers may devote more time to creating world-changing applications. Netooze enables developers, startups, and small and medium-sized organizations (SMBs) easily design, deploy, and scale applications to speed up innovation and boost productivity and agility. Netooze offers mission-critical infrastructure and completely managed services. Netooze blends the strength of community, open source, simplicity, and customer support so that users may spend more time developing innovative apps that advance their companies rather than managing their infrastructure.

Visit Netooze and for more information.

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