STEPN Competitor WINGSFIT Introduces Groundbreaking Features and Functionalities

Innovative move-to-earn metaverse platform, WINGSFIT, announces the introduction of a wide range of features to set the pace in the fast-emerging M2E space

WINGSFIT has been described as “one of the most promising cryptocurrency projects in 2022,” with the move-to-earn metaverse platform designed to allow users to earn in-game rewards and leverage NFT protocols.

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WINGSFIT is a Web3 fitness and health-tracking mobile app with inbuilt Game-Fi, Sport-Fi, and Social-Fi elements. It offers an all-inclusive experience, rewarding users for walking, moving, doing exercise, and completing in-app challenges, serving as a healthy lifestyle that pays the user for movement.

WINGSFIT launched the beta sale phase of its presale to run until December 12, 2022, at a discounted price.

The idea of the WINGSFIT is built on an important daily human function — movement. The aim is to encourage millions of people to adopt a healthier lifestyle and, in an interesting way, to introduce a wide audience to the world of digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

Digital assets in WINGSFIT apps are created by users for app tokens and WST platform tokens and sold to new/other players on the open market. The platform can be compared to a shopping mall, where projects are tenants and WST token holders can be considered as co-owners who profit from business development.

Wings Token (WST) can be purchased by connecting a MetaMask wallet or Trust Wallet then to the official website and then choosing a payment method. The presale rate is 1BNB = 100,000WST, with a minimum investment of 0.3 BNB and a maximum of 3 BNB.

The Uniqueness of WINGSFIT

Users wearing NFT Sneakers earn cryptos and other NFTs by walking, running, exercising, and doing other physical activities. The items earned can be used for in-game activities or cash out for profit. WINGSFIT also has more NFT equipment in addition to sneakers to improve earning efficiency. There is also an in-app marketplace for users to trade their NFT Sneakers, NFT Clothes, NFT Trousers, Gem Sockets, and Badges. The revenue is saved in the in-app wallets that feature a built-in swap function.

WINGSFIT takes a community-focused strategy to help users to improve their health, a WINGSFIT Community, and social media to share results after each training session. Users can also add friends, visit their personal pages, like and leave messages to share their sports results. They can also join Clubs or create Clubs to complete team tasks or challenges, with various in-app actions and the burn mechanism reducing the circulation of both the game token and NFT Gears.

How to make Money with WINGSFIT by moving?

Users can access four WINGSFIT game modes – Solo move, Marathon mode, Team mode, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Holiday Quest. However, they need NFT sneakers to start earning, and these can be rented or bought. NFT gears are in different types, prices, and qualities that affect earnings performance.

Solo Move

Solo move is the basic training mode of each person when participating in WINGSFIT. Depending on the NFT Gears, the daily Energy limit, shown in the Performance bar and the Daily Token Limit differ.

Users can increase their ability to earn more rewards by owning more NFT Sneakers of higher rarity or more quantity (Refer to Energy System).

Marathon Mode

Marathon mode offers Weekly Challenges and Monthly Challenges. However, only users who have successfully registered will receive a notification in their Quest Log. There is the Set a Goal function to keep track of progress.

Team Mode

Users have a chance of getting accumulated points or badges by finishing the Quest. Users have the right to be a leader and create their own clubs and group challenges after reaching a certain level of points. Teams can also compete against each other in the Team Challenge section, with the ranking calculated based on the participants’ numbers and the total kilometers accumulated over a specified period of time.

Quest System

Users can get different Points, Tokens, and Mystery Chest rewards through Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Holiday Quests.

How to buy WINGSFIT

Interested investors can purchase Wings Token (WST) during its beta presale. The sections below provide a step-by-step analysis of how to buy WINGSFIT.

– Step 1: Set up a Crypto Wallet 

– Step 2: Buy BNB and transfer to the MetaMask wallet

– Step 3: Link MetaMask to WINGSFIT Presale Platform 


Step 4: Buy WST Tokens

Finally, investors can claim their Wings tokens once the presale ends by clicking on ‘claim’ on the WINGSFIT website’s homepage.

For further information about WINGSFIT and how to be a part of the project, visit – WINGSFIT also has a growing online community across social media, including DiscordTelegram, and Twitter.

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