Malinda Humphrey Launches His New Children’s Book “A Digital Dilemma!” on Amazon

Titled “A Digital Dilemma!: Screen time or playtime? Ray finds out when tech takes over”, the book dives into the story of a protagonist who learns how to incorporate technology and gadgets in his life without taking too much space.

An African migrant who relocated to the United States of America in his youth, Malinda Humphrey has carved a name for himself for his appreciation of diversity among people, often told through his books. An avid supporter of adaptation and acceptance of all cultures, Malinda Humphrey continuously delves inside of himself to produce high-quality content for his audience with the hope of bringing beneficial cultural shifts.

His new book titled “A Digital Dilemma!: Screen time or playtime? Ray finds out when tech takes over…” tells the story of Ray, who went from being a star student and athletic champion to an expert gamer who would spend hours on technology. When he finds that he has become too unfit to even finish a race he won last year, he knew that something needed to change. This is where his teacher decided to take matters into her own hands as she showed Ray how to incorporate technology and gadgets into our lives without letting them take up too much space.

Speaking about his new book, Malinda Humphrey stated, “This sweet tale illustrates the dangers of allowing technology to rule our lives, especially those of children. Technology has its place and time but should be limited when necessary. I seriously believe this book will be an ideal addition to any home bookshelf or school library as it will help struggling children manage their time wisely and make the job for their parents and guardians far easier.”

Check out the book “A Digital Dilemma!: Screen time or playtime? Ray finds out when tech takes over…” by Malinda Humphre on Amazon.

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Fondly known for his debut book “I Can’t Sing,” Malinda Humphrey is a blogger and journalist who is passionate about crafting lifting stories that can inspire his readers. Inspired by true stories and daily life scenarios, each of his stories brings life-learning lessons ideal for everyone, from children and young adults to people of all ages.

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