CAT CARE Pet Water Fountain Provides Ultra Clean Water for Pets

More and more pet owners are beginning to pay attention to the problem of drinking water for their little ones, especially cats. The ancestors of cats are desert animals who do not like water, but drinking less water is not good for metabolism, which can easily cause lower urinary tract diseases, such as stones, crystals, etc. There are also many cat friends who wonder how to choose a water dispenser. With so many water dispensers in the market, which one should they buy?

CAT CARE is dedicated to bringing convenience and quality life to pets. CAT CARE cat water fountain is a brilliant innovation that provides fresh running water for a week or more. It is fitted with human-standard water purifying technology, ensuring that pets can get access to the highest quality of drinking water available, maintaining good hydration levels, and keeping them safe and healthy at the same time. The water fountain is proven, by the testing institution, to remove 99.99% of impurities in the water. So, the water stays fresh and clean for your pet’s everyday hydration routine. The nature-inspired design that unleashes pets’ primal drinking instinct makes CAT CARE irresistible for pets.


This pet water dispenser is fitted with a premium silent pump and a unique receiving pump, which significantly reduce the noise produced. As a matter of fact, the premium pump is always below 35 decibels, completely doing away with the noise nuisance while the dispenser is in operation. The cat water fountain has a unique waterfall and pool design that is not only aesthetically pleasing to look at, but also arouses the pets’ animal instincts, making them drink more and more.


CAT CARE cat water fountain is built with security concerns for both the pet and its owner. It has an impressively high 2.5L capacity, which can last a couple of days, ensuring that owners do not have to worry about their pets’ drinking even while they are momentarily away. The fountain requires very little maintenance and cleaning it is very easy. The cat water fountain’s filters impressively last for 90 days before requiring replacement, making it a very cost-efficient pet accessory.


Pet owners should always want the best for their pets, and CAT CARE Cat Water Fountain certainly fits the bill. With all the features described above in mind, it is an obvious choice for anyone interested in acquiring a pet water fountain.

Besides, since Halloween is upcoming, pet owners and pet can celebrate together. CAT CARE holds a limited-time Halloween event with 10% off (Discount code: dogcare1001) for cat water fountain. Learn more from the official website.

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