Creative Biolabs Provides PROTAC Solutions to Expedite Novel Drug Research

With an advanced platform and excellent technicians, Creative Biolabs is willing to provide global clients with personalized and customized services according to their exclusive PROTAC research needs.

New York, USA – October 31, 2022 – Since the discovery of the housekeeping protein degradation system of the human body, Creative Biolabs has been committed to further exploring PROTAC-emerging as a promising strategy in the field of novel drug discovery. Backed by cutting-edge platforms and talented scientific minds, Creative Biolabs provides an all-coverage PROTAC solution, including custom PROTAC design, custom PROTAC linker development, and ADME assessment for PROTAC, to help achieve researchers’ novel drug discovery goals.

It is no doubt that appropriate PROTAC design and optimization are crucial components in the development of PROTAC. Therefore, Creative Biolabs has made great efforts in PROTAC design, trying to provide the best design service to clients.

“Our PROTAC is featured by a linker and two-headed molecules capable of degrading target proteins by inducing selective intracellular proteolysis,” according to a Creative Biolabs expert, “and we offer a bundle of services for molecule discovery that includes small-molecule design, screening, optimization, and synthesis to achieve clients’ one-stop experience.”

Furthermore, PROTAC linkers also affect the result of clients’ novel drug development projects.

“The length of linkers directly affects the activity of PROTAC. Thus, it is a crucial part of developing small molecular drugs,” noted a scientist.

With extensive experience in linker development, Creative Biolabs provides a range of linker optimization options for customers, including alkyl-chains, PEGs, and alkyl/ethers, helping to obtain the most effective solution in the ubiquitination of target proteins. In addition, the company also provide custom PROTAC linker synthetic services based on customers’ requirements regarding different linker length or other specifications.

In addition to the PROTAC molecule discovery, Creative Biolabs also support ADME assessment for PROTAC to evaluate the ADME profiles of PROTACs applied within animal models.

“We will continue to robust our scientific team and update our technique to offer clients the regular isotopes, such as 3H, 14C, 32P, 35S, 33S, 90Y, and 125I, and meet the specific demands of custom isotopes for clients’ projects.” According to a scientist.

With its cutting-edge in vivo assay platform and skilled analysis technique, Creative Biolabs can provide clients with the following studies to assess ADME quality:

* Metabolite isolation, profiling, and characterization

* Bioavailability evaluation

* Bioequivalence study

* Formulation screening and optimization

* Dosing frequency evaluation

* Routes of administration

* Interspecies comparison

* Tissue distribution study

* Potential sites of toxicity

* Mass balance study

* Excretion evaluation study

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About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is a CRO company specializing in molecule discovery for decades and is committed to providing comprehensive solutions on PROTAC from design to production, thus expediting clients’ research. Creative Biolabs will shortly present cutting-edge drug discovery solutions in Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics US 2022 during the fourth season of 2022.

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