Shih Tzu Dog Owners in the United States Collaborate to Launch a Blog to Share Information on Caring for the Shih Tzu Dog Breed

The blog provides a wealth of information about the Shih Tzu dog breed to help owners learn how to properly care for their pets as well as provide other tips and advice

Owning a Shih Tzu is both rewarding and challenging. Knowing which food is right for the pet, how to care for it properly, where to get accessories such as collars or toys—these are just some of the many things an owner must know in order to take proper care of their four-legged friend. The Shih Tzu dog breed is quite a delicate dog and owners must be wary of the information shared publicly about caring for them. Many of the pet blogs and websites on the Internet are written by inexperienced individuals who don’t know what they’re talking about and as a result, information online is often full of fluff.

Shih Tzu owners Scott and Farica have teamed up to create the TeaCup Shih Tzu blog, a valuable resource that bridges the gap between dog owners and information they need about caring for their pets. The blog is dedicated to sharing insights, feeding tips, accessories, and other information relating to the Shih Tzu breed of dog.

“So many pet blogs are published every day that it is hard to believe much of what you read on them,” explained Scott and Farica. “Most times, the blogs are too general that they do not offer comprehensive insight for specific dog breeds. What we are seeking to do at TeaCup Shih Tzu is to provide a wealth of information on the Shih Tzu dog breed. With our extensive experience and expertise in the field, we are able to craft each blog post to provide Shih Tzu owners with the information they need. Our knack for research also helps us make recommendations on feed, products and accessories for Shih Tzu dogs.”

TeaCup Shih Tzu is a thorough online resource for Shih Tzu dogs. It features five categories loaded with amazing information on Shih Tzu dog foods, care, problems, training, and breeds. The site design is minimalist and offers a seamless navigation experience, allowing visitors to easily find what they are looking for when they access the website. As owners of Shih Tzu dogs, Scott and Farica share their experiences hoping it will help others like them avoid some pitfalls that they’ve encountered along the way.

Scott and Farica are also co-founders of Puppies for Adoption, a free listing service that helps users find puppies or adult dogs in their area.

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