Medblue launches incredible healthcare discounts in Miami, FL

Fully transparent, quality healthcare platform offers a healthy, affordable lifestyle for people who don’t carry health insurance

NOVEMBER 1, 2022 – An estimated 112 million (44%) American adults are struggling to pay for healthcare, and more than double that number (93%) feel that what they do pay is not worth the cost. Yet, the healthcare system is not set up to help these patients. “I started realizing there was a void with the most vulnerable population, the uninsured,” said Alain Fernandez, who has spent nearly 30 years in the healthcare industry. “The self-paying patient didn’t have anybody fighting for them.”

Fernandez has been perfecting the idea of how to create a health and wellness marketplace for cash patients — that would serve up affordability, transparency and efficiency in a field that notoriously lacks all of them. Over many years, Fernandez had acquired intimate knowledge of the discounts secured between insurance companies and doctors, and he wanted to bring those same discounts to cash-paying patients.

“Healthcare costs are soaring, and uninsured and under-insured patients have no insight into the cost or quality of healthcare so they avoid care altogether. Today’s patients want care fast, they do their homework, they want to know the cost of healthcare upfront, and they listen to other patients,” said Fernandez, who has led departments at Miami Children’s, Cleveland Clinic, Physicians Corporation of America, and other institutions in contract negotiations, physician relations, network development and other areas.

Medblue is a licensed healthcare subscription that starts at $59 a month. It includes free, unlimited telemedicine visits with top physicians 24/7 from anywhere in the US. “Being able to talk, text, or initiate a video consultation with a quality physician, instantly, day or night from anywhere in the US offers incredible piece of mind”.

The Medblue subscription also offers top ranking physician specialists and other healthcare providers that can see you in person to take care of your healthcare needs starting for $40 a visit. Specialist in-person visits start at $60. The platform offers major discounts on dental, vision, labs, pharmacy, imaging, and will even negotiate any healthcare bill over $300 for free, if you end up in a costly urgent care, emergency room, or hospital.

Medblue is currently available in South Florida, and will be available in all of Florida by March 2023. Fernandez already has his eyes on Texas, as there are over 5 million Texans without healthcare coverage.

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Alain Fernandez is a healthcare expert focused on bringing easy, affordable, and transparent healthcare to anyone struggling to pay for health insurance.

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