BookTalks: The Podcast featuring Author Jim Stavis

BookTalks: The Podcast featuring Author Jim Stavis

 When Hope Is Your Only Option: One Man’s Brave Journey through Life’s Adversity penned by Author Jim Stavis has truly become an instant classic in the space of medical memoir as it spans the space between a patient’s life seeking help and near-death experience. In Jim’s case, he experienced both as he was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at 17 with no luck to live till 50 years old and the horrors of his physical health to survive three organ transplants.

Jim Stavis extended his empowering and global influence while appearing in the show, The BookTalks: Podcast, he talks about how someone can manage stress over sickness, beat burnout, and how to sustain positivity in mind, body, and spirit.  “The book chronicles my journey and how I was able to deal with the realities that beset me along the way and a lot of it has to do with my attitude and positivity and I try to do the same with others.”

The first recipient of triple organ transplantation, Stavis’s passion to spread positivity and empowerment to those who suffered as he did is evident in every word, and the book remains a testament to his dedication to doing more than just telling his story. Now at 67, he looked back at his experience with awe while exploring his mental health with compassion and bravery.

Rather than drown in self –pity, Stavis discusses his journey. “The big part of my wellness is being honest with myself. Look in the mirror, do not deny yourself, and pretend it is not happening. Get your facts in order, talk to doctors, and do your research. In my book, hope is an action word, it’s the things you do and it’s not just about wishing and hoping while sitting on the couch. Hope is not a passive process.”  Stavis is very honest about his struggles and gives tips to patients, to teach themselves acceptance, being kind to themselves, and mindfulness-all crucial skills when you’re dealing with a life-changing illness.

He also talked about his work with the non-profit organization, Donate Life and as an Ambassador for One Legacy, to help others in navigating choices to save and heal lives through organ donations. “There is a list of over hundred-thousands of people, nationally, waiting for life-saving organs. I am a recipient of organ donations, and they do save lives.” Jim wrote the book while healing, allowing him to give invaluable insights into what it feels like to get such a heart-breaking diagnosis and how to live your best with what time you have left.

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