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Estate planning helps bring closure to families in mourning

November 1, 2022 – Estate planning can be an uncomfortable, but necessary, subject to discuss. A solid estate plan allows an individual to control what happens to them, their family, and their assets after incapacitation or death. Too often this discussion never happens, leaving family members disputing the distribution of assets while simultaneously dealing with confusion and grief resulting from a loved one’s passing. The Estate & Probate Division of Scott | Vicknair, LLC helps Louisiana families find peace and closure after a loss.

One purpose of estate planning is to create a Last Will and Testament. Among other functions, a Last Will and Testament allows for the orderly transition of assets, provides guardianship for minors, and helps avoid family conflict. The succession attorneys at Scott | Vicknair, LLC help clients identify their legal needs and obstacles and solve them as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Whether a Last Will and Testament has been created or not, the estate must go through probate (succession) before assets can be distributed. This means officially transferring assets to the legal heirs of the deceased. If no Last Will and Testament exists, Louisiana law applies to determine inheritance rights. Scott | Vicknair, LLC works closely with clients to preserve their legal rights, regardless of the situation.

Estate planning is an easier process than litigation, which involves a much more in-depth (and often more expensive) legal process to verify and attribute inheritance rights after someone’s death. Litigation usually happens when there is no viable Last Will and Testament or there are legal hurdles to reaching an agreement among quarreling family members. The experienced attorneys at Scott | Vicknair, LLC have handled hundreds of successions and there are very few situations they have not encountered. “We are not just attorneys who do successions,” says founding partner Brad Scott. “We are succession attorneys.”

Scott | Vicknair, LLC wants families to know how important it is to prepare for tomorrow by planning today. Estate planning benefits the mental and emotional health of all involved. Wherever they are in the process, Scott | Vicknair, LLC helps clients find the answers they need to move forward with preparing for and settling the estate of a loved one.

About Scott | Vicknair, LLC

Clients call New Orleans law firm Scott | Vicknair, LLC to ensure they leave family members with more than just memories. Fiscal and physical assets hold deep meaning to loved ones. When the pain of losing someone is fresh and/or there are too many questions at once, Scott | Vicknair, LLC helps clients find peace of mind.

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