MOMSMI of Ieumsae Agricultural Corporation Launches ‘Organic Mommom Rice Stick’

MOMSMI of Ieumsae has launched the ‘Organic Mommom Rice Stick.’ 

Under the philosophy, ‘A cook for organic snacks for children,’ Ieumsae believes that as good rice snacks can be made from good quality rice, children’s food can be healthy and safe when rural communities are healthy. Therefore, they invest in agriculture in hopes of serving the food that carries farmers’ hearts to the tables in a city.

MOMSMI snacks are for babies from 6 months old when they first start eating.

Certified with HACCP for small snack companies and organically processed food, Ieumsae produces snacks for babies and families in a clean environment with strict quality control. It guarantees safety through real-time monitoring from product manufacturing to delivery and preventing the inflow of foreign substances in the smart factory established for the first time in the industry.

According to the survey of the Food information statistics system(FIS) of Korea Agro-Fisheries and Food Trade Corporation(aT), the infant and baby food market has been showing rapid growth of 20% every year over the past 3 years as of 2020. Though the birth rate has decreased compared to the past, the demand for organic and premium products continues to expand.

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