Lusene Donzo and Association introduces new consulting service that assists rising entrepreneurs in their journey through credit and business coaching.

Dallas, Tx – Lusene Donzo and Association is an organization that facilitates helping youth and college students of the ages of 13-22 identify their gifts, talents, and values so they can lead purposeful lives. Recently, it has introduced new services to cater to all career requirements of rising entrepreneurs.  

The team of experts behind Lusene Donzo and Association works with organizations in the communities where it is located through its professional development programs for educators, counselors, teachers, or other professionals who work with Youth. 

Their newly devised services include:

  • One-on-One Consultation: During this call, the association pulls on the trainee’s credit on the company’s systems and oversteps what people need to do for them to achieve their desired credit scores.

  • One-on-One Credit Coaching: The credit score of trainees is essential. It determines whether they will be approved for loans. Lusene Donzo, the association’s founder, has also helped coach thousands of people to achieve excellent credit scores in as little as 90 days. 

  • One-on-One Entrepreneur Coaching: Lusene helps new businesse owner or existing business owner how to target their desire audience and scale their business to six-figure. 

  • Credit Restoration for Homebuyers: Buying a house is a big step, so Lusene Donzo reviews his client’s goals for buying a home and how much time they will need to help restore the credit.

Furthermore, Lusene Donzo and Association have also begun working with universities to develop career academies to help students learn about themselves while exploring potential careers.

All the clients of Lusene Donzo and Association get results in bettering their credit. The association focuses on hiring a consultant or company they can trust to help with their finances. It seems like a convenient solution, but providing them with the necessary tools to manage their money is empowering.

In addition, financial independences gives the client a sense of community by being integrated with programs and coaching sessions that educate and motivate them on managing their spending rather than doing it for them. The company has worked with over 100 clients and helped them save more than $700,000 on debt collection.


About the founder – Lusene Donzo

Lusene Donzo is an Army CPT, Board Certified Credit Consultant, Speaker, Author, and a graduate of the Historical Black College University, Virginia State University. He received his bachelor’s in Computer Science and Military Science and currently has his Master’s in Communication from Southern New Hemisphere University.

On October 20, 2016, he experienced a grand mal seizure and stayed six days in a hospital where he was in a coma for 8 hours which severely caused neurological damage associated with hypoxic brain injury and a grand mal seizure. But Lusene didn’t limit himself and maintained a solid willpower to emerge as a successful entrepreneur. 

He is now on Active Duty as an Artillery Officer in Texas. He is active in the community and determined to help positively impact the Youth. He desires to empower people to thrive in life and overcome obstacles. Lusene Donzo has two companies, Lusene Donzo & Association LLC, a company he founded based on self-empowerment. He also has a credit repair company called Saint Otis  to help educate youth and college individuals to leverage credit and use it to build wealth.

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