Furniture on rent: Is it really cost effective and beneficial option?

Furniture on rent: Is it really cost effective and beneficial option?

Furnishing a place can be intimidating, whether you’re moving into your new apartment with just minimal things or purchasing your first house with only a few sets of furniture that made it to that new house from the old one. And yet, perhaps you’ve just been drifting along, managing with what you have, until one day you realize you need an upgrade.

The issue is that finding what you want on a budget and on time might be difficult. Rental furniture is frequently presented as the solution to all of your décor problems, but is it actually your best bet? Let’s see if taking furniture on rent is actually more cost-effective or not.

Costs of renting furniture vs. buying furniture

Renting furniture is usually less expensive than purchasing a houseful of new furniture from the showroom. And if you know you will only need that furniture for a limited period of time say, if you are in a short-term lease it could be a good option.

So, if you move frequently, taking furniture on rent for a couple of months might be less expensive than always having to move it or selling it and then buying it in the new place.

Renting to own can really allow a person to have considerably finer furnishings than they would be capable of affording if they bought immediately after moving into their new apartment. If you have no furniture, renting can bring you a fully furnished flat in as little as two days and without requiring a credit check. Many individuals consider this to be a lot more appealing option than second-hand store furniture.

Furniture on rent – helps develop your style.

If you have the financial resources, renting furniture can help design novices identify a personal style. It takes time to truly discover and establish your own particular style, and tastes can shift fast in the beginning as you see everything start to fall into place. Renting furniture is an excellent method to try out several possibilities and choose what you would like to live with for a long time.

Many companies sell everything from bed, sofa, dining table, wardrobe to drawer allowing you to explore trends from the top down. Cityfurnish, a millennial focused furniture rental company, provides modern furnishing solutions as well as on-trend décor elements. Currently, the company has operations in Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, and Noida/Ghaziabad.

Furniture rental – a better financial choice

Here are the three main reasons why taking furniture on rent is a far better option than purchasing new furniture:

  • Ideal for people who are constantly on the move.

Most of us are always looking for greater opportunities in our careers. These favourable conditions may arise in a location far from where you are. Gen Z is rarely hesitant to transfer from one city to another.

If you buy high-quality items, those things might cost you a few lakhs. Furthermore, when you need to relocate, the expense of removal and the extra care you must take of the furniture items to protect them from scratches and dents is prohibitively expensive.

This is precisely why renting furniture is a far more viable alternative.

  • Helps in keeping up with new trends

If you prefer to change the look of your house every now and then, then buying furniture is not an option for you. These types of investments will last for years, and you can’t just throw them away when a new fad emerges. After all, upgrading your home and selecting modern furniture to create a fashion statement is not an alternative.

Rental furniture comes in handy since you may keep receiving fresh enhancements as they arrive. This will allow you to maintain your diversified taste at a low cost. Most furniture rental providers, such as Cityfurnish, offer free upgrades at the end of your current rental cycle.

  • Selling furniture brings no profit.

Among all things, furniture undergoes the most devaluation over the course of a lifetime.

For instance, suppose you purchase bedroom furniture, let’s say a brand-new bed with a mattress. It will most likely cost between Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 60,000. When the time comes to sell it, whether because you are moving or desire a more current piece of furniture, you will notice that your owned pieces have suffered from terrible depreciation. It might be worth barely Rs. 8,000 presently. This is also dependent on the current state of your product and how long it has been used.

This concept applies to all types of furniture, including living room furniture, dining room furniture, etc.

Because there is no value in selling out-dated furniture, millennials are more likely to rent furniture. This is especially appropriate if you constantly modify your home’s décor to reflect current trends and changes in lifestyle or if you travel around a lot.

You can exchange or return the rented furniture for something better and more up-to-date. This can save you a lot of time, money, and effort!

Whatever option you take furniture rental or otherwise be careful to evaluate all costs. If you’re renting furniture, figure out how much the full term will cost. Consider the expense of any refurbishing work you would like to do if you buy second-hand. However, the benefits of renting furniture exceed the benefits of owning the furniture. So, if you’re looking to rent furniture, check Cityfurnish website for a huge range of options.

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