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Mug is a transliteration word, because the English name of mug is mug. Since entering the country, it has become popular in many restaurants and families because of its various shapes, low prices and many other advantages. How many types of mugs are there? The following ceramic mug manufacturers will introduce what is the classification of mugs and mugs.

1. What is A Mug

Mug means a large handle cup, because the English name of the mug is mug, so it is translated into a mug. Mug is a kind of home cup, generally used for milk, coffee, tea and other hot drinks. Some western countries also have the habit of drinking soup with mugs during work breaks. The cup body is generally a standard cylindrical shape or a cylindrical shape, and one side of the cup body is provided with a handle.

2. The Classification of Mugs

Zipper mug

Let’s look at a simple one first. The designer designed a zipper on the body of the mug, leaving an opening naturally. This opening is not a decoration. With this opening, the sling of the tea bag can be placed here comfortably and will not run around. Both stylish and practical, the designer has done a really good job.

Double layer mug

Whether it is brewing coffee or tea, users have to use very hot water, so hot water will always be hot. This time, the designer came up with a solution and made the cup two layers, which is good for keeping warm and not hot, killing two birds with one stone.

Electric mug

What should users do if users brew coffee without a teaspoon stirring? Don’t fear, there are electric mixer mugs. Coffee, fruit, milk tea, everything that needs to be stirred can be done with one button.

Alphabet Mug

During the meeting, everyone brought a cup, and it would be embarrassing to use the wrong one. The letter mug helps users solve this problem. The handle of each mug is designed to be a letter, one letter per person, and it will never be used wrong.

Lock-up mug

It’s okay to accidentally use the wrong mug, but it’s really frustrating if someone secretly uses mug all the time. The designer made a keyhole for the cup, and users carry the key yourself, one cup corresponds to one key. The cup is only usable when the correct key is inserted into the keyhole. It is so powerful to prevent theft, and users can definitely make the cup special.

Stained mug

Afraid that others can use their own cups like this, get a mug that cannot be washed. There is always a circle of stains on the mug, isn’t it disgusting. But take a closer look, it turns out that this circle of stains is a landscape painting. The designer designed different landscapes into the shape of stains and printed them on the inside of the mug, which is very low-key and gorgeous.

Color changing mug

When hot water or warm water is poured into the cup, the place with the pattern on the outside of the cup will change color according to the temperature, also known as the ounce color cup. After the drinking cup is filled with hot water, the heat-sensitive liquid in the interlayer cavity will change in color and escape into the inner cup graphic channel, making the cup wall show artistic patterns, allowing people to gain aesthetic and artistic enjoyment.

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