Scalp Micropigmentation: The Hair Loss Treatment Basics

Scalp Micropigmentation: The Hair Loss Treatment Basics

Scalp Micropigmentaion Treatment HD Hairlines

Hair loss can happen to anyone, and it’s something none of us want to experience. How could we possibly? After all, there’s nothing to look forward to. While hair loss may be as common as it gets, the appearance is rarely as attractive as a full head of hair, whether short or long. Baldness restricts your options and possibilities, not to mention your confidence and anxiety. Anyone can be broken by a loss of self-esteem.

According to statistics, approximately 66% of men will experience hair loss by the age of thirty-five, and over 8 million women currently suffer from alopecia in the United Kingdom alone. Solving such a common but formidable problem is no easy task, especially when non-surgical solutions are sought. While wigs are an option, not everyone is comfortable with them or can wear them for medical reasons such as allergies.

However, there are more serious commitments out there. Still, with the high prices of some hair treatments and surgeries, it’s even more difficult for people to cope, let alone try it. Let’s not even get started on hair loss treatment myths.

Most of you have probably heard of hair transplants, which are extremely risky procedures with no guarantee of success. There are also plasma treatments, which come with no guarantees. These are two popular theories for treating hair loss. However, these can be quite costly, and the risk of head scars, among other things, isn’t very appealing. Despite the fact that the temptation is strong, there are other solutions to this ever-growing problem.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation, or SMP for short, may be familiar to some. It is a relatively new but useful non-surgical option for those who don’t necessarily want to grow long hair but simply want to regain their confidence. The techniques used to mimic the effects of denser natural hair follicles are similar to those used in a standard hair tattoo, including ink and microneedle.

The procedure is simple and effective for both men and women. The visible results can complement any hairstyle, hairline, skin tone, and hair density immediately following the last session with no side effects.

SMP Procedure and Techniques

Scalp micropigmentation is essentially a scalp tattoo. Hair tattooing is a term used in many parts of the world. While technically true, we’re not talking about any ordinary tattoo. Throughout your treatment sessions, we will not engrave a dragon or a rose on your scalp.

SMP is concerned with your hairline, and scalp micropigmentation is here to bring it to life. Your scalp is of the utmost importance, and SMP practitioners should treat your image with extreme caution. Let’s look at some of the factors that influence scalp micropigmentation.

Hair Tattoos and Safety

As with any tattooing, the usual precautions must be taken: hygiene, a sterile environment, germ-killing machinery and products – it’s all there, if not more so. While pain tolerance is important, a good practitioner will use a topical numbing agent to reduce discomfort. A scalp micropigmentation procedure has no side effects when performed in a safe environment. It is one of the safest, if not the safest, methods of treating hair loss.

Scalp Micropigmentation Practitioners

A scalp micropigmentation procedure and its result is only as good as the practitioner. While the action plan might seem fairly straightforward to you, the behind-the-scenes are much more complicated than what’s on the surface. A good SMP practitioner will take safety above all else, calm the client’s concerns, and answer any questions raised.

SMP Technology

The tools required for SMP are very similar to those required for a standard tattoo shop. SMP practitioners use the same line-up of items during treatment sessions to simulate natural hair follicles on the scalp and face, just as tattoo artists use power supplies to power their tattoo device, which uses pigments and needles to draw tattoos.

Furthermore, in addition to primary micropigmentation treatment, SMP clinics typically offer other beauty-related services such as B12 injections, Botox, and even their own online or in-store shops.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Treatment Options

Scalp micropigmentation works with a wide range of hair patterns and skin types. Here are some ways SMP can help you fight.

Baldness in Males

Male baldness can be effectively treated with scalp micropigmentation. This is one of the most common hair loss patterns. It is also known as androgenetic alopecia. Most men’s enemy at some point in their lives, it can shatter confidence because it affects both the hairline and the crown at the same time.

Baldness in Females

Female baldness, contrary to popular belief, is fairly common. This can not only cause anxiety, but it can also help it get its way in the long run. Micropigmentation takes care of it flawlessly and without risk.

Hair Thinning

While still concerning, thinning hair is not as concerning as baldness. It only thins hair slightly and usually only in the most visible areas, such as the top of the scalp and the widow’s peak. Scalp micropigmentation solves this problem quickly and dramatically improves your image.


Hair lines are probably one of the most important aspects of SMP because they define your appearance. Because it is so important, practitioners will usually provide you with a plethora of options to choose from or even let you guide them to what you prefer as long as it meets their criteria.


Hair loss in alopecia patients can range from losing small patches of hair to losing all of your hair. Regardless of the severity of the alopecia, scalp micropigmentation can help cases like Areata and even the worst alopecia types like Totalis.

Scar Coverage

Micro pigmentation is an excellent method of concealing potential scalp scars. There will be no more signs of the scar after the treatment sessions because an illusion of hair follicles has been added to it.

Facial Micropigmentation

Just like with standard scalp micropigmentation, this treatment can be applied to simulate facial hair growth and create an illusion of a 5 o’clock shadow.

Guaranteed Success

While the basic concept of scalp micropigmentation is simple, the illusion it creates is quite complex, which is why it looks exactly like natural hair. SMP will deliver whether you’re going for a clean-cut look or simply trying to make your hair look thicker, and it will save you a lot of trouble.

Consider hair transplants: there can be far more unfortunate factors than fortunate ones. A bad hair transplant can have far-reaching consequences, including a loss of confidence. Scars themselves are problematic, but infections or failed transplants are far more frightening. SMP, on the other hand, is as risk-free as any professional tattoo.

How Long Do Scalp Micropigmentation Treatments Last?

A typical scalp pigmentation lasts anywhere from 2 to 6 years. Still, you should get a refresher course before that. As with all tattoos, the pigments fade over time, and SMP is no exception. The pigmentation can be refreshed almost at any time to present your clean-cut in style.

The Most Affordable Hair Loss Treatment

There is no doubt that scalp micropigmentation is a cost-effective yet effective alternative to other hair loss treatment options available. With no risks and astounding results, the SMP method has little competition.

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