Selene’s Shadow – A Space Opera Blending AI With Humans, The Fears, And Amazing Possibilities

Selene’s Shadow, Penned by David T Gilbert, this highly intriguing science fiction space opera, spans thousands of years from the merging of the military might of the Roman empire and political wisdom of the Song Chinese empire after they came to each other’s aid against the northern hordes that attacked them both. How the merging of these two empires into one has shaped our colonization of deep space centuries later, lights the reader’s way through a fast-paced journey deep into the forbidden creation of human quantum minds that travel the cosmos. The Roman-Sino Empire’s inner most political fears of that are set aside, at least on the surface, when a terrifying alien encounter changes our species’ hopes of survival.

This first of three books takes the reader on a journey of discovery and growth for its strange, small crew of space-faring heroes in a way that only good science fiction can.

The story reflects our fear of artificial intelligence, its impact on society and the struggle to protect humanity’s core integrity as the essentially compassionate species we were designed to be from the African origins of our human brains.

It is narrated through the eyes of Sorrento, a girl from a small, colonized farming planet in deep space. She has a remarkable talent for robotics engineering and yearns in vain to escape her limited little world.  But she also has Bobby, the regular Personal Intelligent Android Companion allocated to her as a child, that she has so often upgraded that her PIAC is now something quite different from the Empire’s original standard design. 

By accident, this inseparable pair awaken a secret, hidden on their little planet for centuries, about the Empire’s experimental military AI past.  What and who they find sweeps them out into space to help uncover hidden truths from a past of deep-seated conspiracies and cover-ups.

The reader explores the powers in play, the open and the hidden, and an alien encounter that pushes the Empire to its knees, forcing it to open the gates to radical evolution.

Alongside a compelling storyline that grips the reader’s attention throughout, the character and world-building is rich, nuanced, and convincing. Readers watch the book’s key characters – and the societies they encounter – develop and mature through intriguing twists in the story’s fast-moving plot.

David T. Gilbert, is a lover of history and a seasoned life-time traveler with an appreciative eye for diverse world cultures and the values that support them through ritual and community. It is in this that the evidence for our being a compassionate species, designed to look after ourselves, each other and our planet, is irrefutable.  How this may be the compass that could yet help us mediate the big questions we face now around AI, is what Gilbert is most interested in.

The book is published by Pen Culture Solutions and is available on Amazon.

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