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Giriraj Damani is one of India’s leading digital marketers. He is a trainer for businesses such as Google India and Digital Guru. He manages social media programmes for numerous businesses. Green Digital was founded in February 2012, and Digital Giriraj was launched in October 2015. His objective was simple to comprehend. He desires to create a gathering place for Digital Marketing specialists and enthusiasts.

Engineer by training, Giriraj Damani has been an entrepreneur for the past three years. He has achieved success in numerous industries, including finance and public relations. His never-ending passion in social media, however, led him to establish the company Digital Giriraj.

Giriraj Damani of Mumbai is one of the most vivacious trainers and consultants in the industry, and he is the Lead Trainer for Digital Marketing Training at Digital Guru. publications such as Business Standards, Times of India-NBT, Dataquest, Asian Age, The Sunday Indian Magazine, and many others have always taken his work and opinions seriously.

Giriraj Damani Mumbai lead social media workshops at Digital Guru. There have been many unusual occurrences, but the most intriguing is how eager the majority of students are to learn, comprehend, and implement digital marketing. It is astounding how many individuals are interested in digital marketing, from college students to mid-level professionals to senior managers in a variety of sectors.

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Q.1. Why did Giriraj start in the first place? Please tell us more about your blog.

ANS – Digital Giriraj’s blog,, began as a hobby blog where he could document his digital marketing knowledge. Giriraj wished to include it on his résumé to give his application an edge over those of his competitors. Giriraj was unaware that the blog would become one of the most prominent digital marketing blogs in India.

Q2.  What do Giriraj Damani do to make money from his blog?

ANS – Giriraj Damani serves primarily as a means for visitors to learn about my brand and for me to generate leads. People who visit my blog learn about me. He also mark them with the Facebook Pixel so he may display them advertisements in the future.

Q3. What do Giriraj think the future of digital marketing will look like?

ANS – Giriraj Damani from thinks that digital marketing will only get bigger in the next few days. So, 2022 is the right time to start digital marketing if you haven’t already. Don’t wait, just start a blog, make a plan for promoting it, and stick to it.

Q4. How business can be done through digital marketing

ANS – Without a doubt, if someone chooses to do business or work on the Internet, it could be great. Anyone interested in promoting a business, service, or product and expanding their professional network will find digital marketing to be an exciting and rewarding field. The most convenient aspect of internet marketing is that it allows you to do business and get things done without ever leaving your house. You need only have access to the internet and a computer. Since digital marketing is a rapidly expanding industry, every marketer has aspirations of being a recognized leader in the sector.

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