World renown speaker Eesha Patel sends her message to the world on how to bring world-wide change through spirituality and unity

Eesha Patel, Founder of Origin Activation and international speaker, sends a message across the world that now is the time for change and to begin focusing on unity, coming together, and the importance of spirituality not just in times of crisis, but everyday.

As a world-renown entrepreneur, Patel has helped over 50,000 individuals in just the last 6 years through her unique modality – ranging from spiritual activations and physical ailments, to entrepreneurial and wealth mindsets and business strategies. While Patel has loved helping individuals achieve their dreams and find personal happiness, her true goal has been to spread her message to the world: To bring large groups together from every corner on the planet in unity to bring a world-wide change. 

Patel’s message comes from looking at the world as a whole and its current state. The impact of war can be seen around the world – not just individual countries. Families are struggling at record rates from economic difficulties. There is a discord amongst groups and individuals due to beliefs, politics, or religion – often overlooking the deeper connectedness of the human race. Patel aims to share a message of hope, and a reminder of human connection in times like these. 

With specific moments in the world’s history where everyone came together in support of a cause, Patel teaches that this should be done consistently. Events like 9/11, the war in Ukraine, natural disasters, starvation and other causes are reasons to mourn, unite, and join forces to bring light, hope, and unity to the world.  

“There are moments in all of our lives where we remember where we were at and what we were doing when we heard certain sad, difficult, or catastrophic life events. Whether it was 9/11, the death of Princess Diana, or most recently the invasion of Ukraine, these moments stick with us and give us a reason to come together as a human race. During difficult times we often see people drop their differences and come together in a heartbeat. I can only imagine what the world would look like if we also did this in everyday life.” says Patel. 

As a leading thought leader in spirituality, Patel shares the importance of practicing spirituality and meditation regularly and not just in times of crisis. 

“By coming together and meditating, talking, and finding the good in our neighbors in large groups, we will be able to not only bring about a world-wide shift in mindset and how we view and treat one another, we will be able to improve our personal lives as well.” says Patel. 

Learn more about Eesha or contact her at [email protected] with any questions or speaking requests. 

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