Unique Wearable Products for Sports and Muscle Therapeutics Plus Growing Business for Recycling of Cooking Oils: Forza Innovations Inc. (Stock Symbol: FORZ)

  • Health-Tech Wearable Therapeutic Devices to Reduce Muscle Inflammation.  
  • Applications in Sports, Medicine, Recreation, Outdoor Work, Military, and More.
  • Recent Re-Engineering Effort to Optimize Product Line Design and Function.    
  • Localized Supply Chain for Dependable Delivery with Green Manufacturing.  
  • Oil Recycler Subsidiary, Sustainable Origins, Announces Opening of New Steel Tank Fabrication Shop and Higher Capacity Tanks to Serve Larger Customers.
  • New Round of $250,000 Funding to Advance All Company Ventures.
  • Top Patent Attorney Jeffrey Finn of Finn Law Retained to Represent WarmUp Therapeutic Devices.    

Forza Innovations Inc. (OTC: FORZ) based in San Diego, CA, is in the health-tech wearable performance business. FORZ has acquired all of the ownership and the rights to certain late, developmental stage, WarmUp products. 

FORZ WarmUp wearable back compression devices are used to relax, warm, loosen, or relax stiff & sore muscles. The therapeutic application of heat causes a change in the temperature of the soft tissues which decreases joint stiffness and relieves inflammation. When combined with the strategic placement of FORZ medical grade support ribs & ergonomic design, WarmUp Thermal Therapy is unmatched. FORZ Warmup was originally designed to help aid marquee Pro Athletes perform at their best. However, the WarmUp Series will be for everyone, ideal for a chilly day on the links, Ski/Snowboarding, Hunters/Fishers, Outdoor Work, Medical, Military, and everything in between. 

  • FORZ Cooking Oil Recycler Subsidiary, Sustainable Origins, Announces Opening of New Steel Tank Fabrication Shop

On November 2nd FORZ announced the schedule for the opening of its steel tank fabrication shop set for December 3, 2022. It is projected to quickly ramp up to produce two to three new tanks per week. FORZ places these tanks at customer locations, where they are used to store used cooking oil that is then collected to convert to Biodiesel. The fabrication shop will also be producing tanks for other Biodiesel production companies nationwide. FORZ projects initial weekly revenues of $15,000 to $20,000, with projected monthly revenues in the six-figure range when fully operational.

Heading up the fabrication team for FORZ Sustainable is Travis Drake, who holds numerous certifications in welding and fabrication design. His addition to the team will have an immediate impact. Travis’ over 25 years of experience includes aviation construction and development, proprietary gate lock fabrication, numerous industrial and Commercial projects including business and governmental, as well as projects for the military. Travis has also conducted work for major companies including Duke Energy and Tesla. The rest of the fabrication team is comprised of sanitation-certified welders, with stainless steel, aluminum, and steel certifications. In total, they have over 40 years of fabrication experience. This will give the FORZ facility the ability to build automatic collection systems internally. The shop will also be working on its own product lines in other sectors, including aluminum roofing panels and roofing products with embedded solar panels.

  • FORZ Announces Completion of New Funding Round for $250,000

On September 30th FORZ announced the completion of a new tranche of funding, totaling $250,000. The majority of these funds will be allocated to the FORZ subsidiary, Sustainable Origins to continue their growth and foster additional successful partnerships.

FORZ CEO Johnny Forzani visited Sustainable Origins’ Charlotte, NC operations at the same time to get updates on the subsidiary’s progress. Both the parent FORZ company and Sustainable Origins have been experiencing steady growth based on a template developed at Mr. Forzani’s previous successful companies. Devoting this round of funding to Sustainable Origins is justified by the steady cash flow that it has generated by its innovation and growth in the Biodiesel industry.

  • FORZ Subsidiary Sustainable Origins Introduces New, Larger Steel Collection Tanks; Provides Update

On September 26th FORZ announced the rollout of newly designed steel storage tanks. The tanks have a higher storage capacity that will allow FORZ to sign larger accounts including large supermarket chains and commercial kitchens.

FORZ Sustainable Origins’ next step is to develop automated systems for clients so that they can begin to pursue large restaurant groups. FORZ has an agreement in place with a group that owns 20 Popeyes Chicken restaurants where, if they can show proof of concept in one store, they can expand into all their locations. The company is also negotiating an agreement with TankDepot to sell the steel tanks nationwide to other used cooking oil collection companies. Finally, FORZ is starting to hire a sales force as well as additional drivers to grow their Charlotte-area business.

  • Top Patent Attorney Jeffrey Finn of Finn Law to Represent WarmUp Therapeutic Devices

On September 15th FORZ announced that they had retained the services of Patent Attorney Jeffrey Finn of Finn IP Law, PC, located in Los Angeles, CA. This next crucial step in the patent process signifies that the Company is on track with the patent process for their WarmUp therapeutic devices.

Filing and finishing the patent for their first WarmUp device means that FORZ can begin to access the Global Back Pain market, which, according to a report published by Brandessence, was valued at over $7 billion in 2019 and is forecast to surpass $10 billion by 2026. The FORZ team is preparing to file a utility and design patent on a new wearable, heated, therapeutic back brace. Nothing on the market has this functionality, or performance. Their goal is to not only get a patent issued but to also have their product FDA approved as a Class 1 medical device. 

  • Re-Engineered Next Gen WarmUp Line of Products

On July 19th FORZ announced that the company’s Innovation Lab team has been working to redesign several products from the original WarmUp line. The FORZ J4 Sport and J4X are two products selected for redesign from the original version to the second generation.

Significantly overhauled from the original version of WarmUp, the FORZ team upgraded everything from look and style to functionality, the user interface, the materials used, and the manufacturing processes.  They also added innovative functions to create a value-added product.

The next steps included prototyping as well as showcasing 3D renderings of the re-engineered J4 Sport and J4X. FORZ is expanding the Innovation Lab team with highly skilled seamsters’ and new equipment to advance the WarmUp line of products’ custom-sewn textile elements.

The J4X is a heavy-duty medical back brace that has huge potential in the medical field. FORZ is planning on filing a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for review. FORZ also has plans to file for FDA Approval as a Class A Medical Device for the reconstructed second-generation J4X.

For more information on Forza Innovations Inc. (FORZ) visit: www.forzinnovations.com

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