The ILLYRIAN Trading Package Is Helping Hundreds Of Retail Traders Accelerate Their Journey To Profitability With The Result-Oriented Mentorship Program

Founded by Kejvi Dema (also known as KV or TRADELIKEKV), ILLYRIAN OPTIONS is a superlative firm headquartered in New York, that guarantees success to all traders through its 8-Week Accelerator Program included in The ILLYRIAN Trading Package.

Everyone wishes to make a fortune. To make this wish come true most people step into the world of trading. From a distance, trading looks very straightforward. Buying stocks, waiting for the price to increase, and then selling them out for a profit. However, it is not as simple as that. Trading is an art that needs to be mastered to secure a great return on investment (ROI) and accept any losses that one might have to face. Day trading especially is very difficult for beginners in the trading industry who are uncertain about how to act in response to the wide diversity of suggestions and signals that they are receiving. Not only this, but the constant fear of losing their money tends to shake them out and blow up their trading accounts. In such scenarios, it is a wise choice to learn how to trade successfully from experts.


It is common to have second thoughts on decisions that one makes during the course of trading. Most traders often tend to submit to these thoughts and change decisions multiple times along the way, which causes them to suffer heavy losses. ILLYRIAN OPTIONS is an esteemed firm that completely understands this problem faced by traders. It thus aspires to spread the knowledge of trading far and wide through the tools and services that they provide. ILLYRIAN OPTIONS is one of the only firms in the world that guarantees positive results after the successful completion of its 8-week-long program.

Numerous Benefits Associated With Utilizing The Services of ILLYRIAN OPTIONS

It is said that hard work pays off. However, this is not always true.  Traders tend to put a significant amount of effort in their work but it does not always yield fruitful results. Or it might be so that a trader is having success and making money but he or she is in desire of more profits. ILLYRIAN OPTIONS not only promises this ‘more’ but also strives to provide its clients with countless other benefits. Traders may benefit from an increase in confidence, increased freedom, a network of like-minded traders, and better memories. With the advice provided by the analysts at the firm and live trading with KV, clients no longer have to ponder over graphs & charts and waste their precious time. Instead, they can spend this time with their family or friends on a vacation.  

The ILLYRIAN Trading Package

The Trading Package offered by the firm starts off with The 8-Week Accelerator Program. This program encloses everything from the basics of the stock market to more complex trading techniques. Something that KV himself learned in 8 years has been narrowed down and adjusted in this 8-week long program. Next comes the Bi-Weekly Live Mentorship sessions. Here clients get 1-hour long zoom meetings with KV himself every 2 weeks. Students are blessed with a unique opportunity where they can have a Q&A session with the expert himself in a 1:1 setting. 

Next included in the program is The Illyrian Options Trading Server. Here, clients get 1 year of access to the firm’s chat room where they may benefit from a daily watch list, daily signals, live voice trading, live webinars, and more. The Options Trading Guidebook and The Ultimate Scalping Guide are two books that are provided to individuals who have enrolled in this program.  The former of the books contains all the basics of trading for beginner traders, while the latter contains strategies to earn money only by trading for one hour a day in the markets. Illyrian Options Buy/Sell Algo and The Illyrian Levels Algo are two other proprietary tools that help clients reach a decision faster and get better results.

Here’s what one of the most content clients of The Trading Package, Lala N. has to say about her experience, “This course has actually given me the confidence to take my options trading to the next level. Whether you are a beginner like me or an experienced trader, this package will not disappoint you.”

About The Company’s Founder and Head Trader, Kejvi Dema (KV) 

Learning and trading in the stock market for the past 8 years has given KV unparalleled knowledge and experience. He began his journey at 15 years of age, when he was still in high school. At this time, he opened his first-ever paper trading account. Following his graduation, he got admitted to a business school in New York and then later got hired at an institutional equities trading desk. The experience gained from the various stops he made along his journey has helped play a major role in laying the foundations of ILLYRIAN OPTIONS.


Considering the services that the firm has to offer together with the evidential results that it is producing, ILLYRIAN OPTIONS should be the foremost choice of each trader who wishes to become successful in trading stocks and options.

To know more about Illyrian Options & The Trading Package, visit the program’s official website, or check their Discord channel.

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The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice, or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor) before investing or trading stocks and options.

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