From Problem to Solution. A young woman-entrepreneur claims she has built an app that will change the online shopping game by making haggling new normal.

New marketplace named Bidygo has got into the game with a whole new different shopping model. It is an online marketplace to help shoppers save on daily increasing online prices. Simply customers need to offer the price they want to pay, get an approval and buy at the cheapest possible price. But first let’s dig deeper into the current online shopping reality.

Online shoppers are noticing very common, yet bizarre things during their shopping experience. When looking at the same product page over and over again, they notice different prices each time. The price fluctuations depend on millions of factors derived from the user data that e-commerce giants collect and use against customers. Big e-commerce sharks use such dynamic pricing models to sell at the highest possible prices and gain the maximum profit from customers.

In her interview, the company’s young founder, Ada K, claims that the system she developed based on her own experience is simple. Like the majority of the online shoppers, Ada was always in search of discounts and coupons.This is where Ada’s story begins. Unable to find any coupons available for two sneakers she was about to buy, Ada decided to call and see whether there was anything the store could do about it. As a result, she got a special discount to fit both into her budget. Eventually, she has cracked the way to make haggle legal. This soon grew into a start-up idea that she and her friends founded later. They were able to develop special strategies to negotiate the price on behalf of the users. In contrast to the dynamic pricing that e-commerce giants use to dictate their prices, at Bidygo the shopper is the king that dictates his/her price.

On Bidygo the key button is called “Price it” that lets the customers offer the price they are willing to pay. Meanwhile, the sellers can decide if they can afford accepting the offered price or not.  Ada believes she creates the discussion funnel between the seller and the shopper, which is totally missing from today’s online marketplaces. Fair terms, transparency and value for money is a win-win strategy both for shoppers and e-commerce retailers.

“Smaller retailers are more flexible in their pricing strategies, hence they have great chances to succeed on Bidygo. By showcasing their products on Bidygo and understanding customer expectations, they meet shoppers’ needs best and keep customer retention costs at the minimum, while customers get satisfied with the personalized approach” – says Ada. Will the game-changing

“Price It” feature change the future of shopping? The time will show but definitely her efforts are worth the thumbs up and support. Ada has done her first big step and made the app available for shopping. So why not give it a try!

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