Emissary Shares Essential Insight for Selling Enterprise Technology Amid Market Uncertainty

With uncertainty in the economy, technology buyers are taking a cautious approach towards investments in the upcoming fiscal year. Based on proprietary research, Emissary’s “Selling Through a Slowdown” guide provides the insight sellers need for continued strong performance in Q4 and beyond.

Typical sales tactics need to be adjusted to account for the dueling enterprise sales landscape. Consecutive quarters of shrinking US GDP, high inflation, and low consumer confidence are sparking fears of a looming recession. Yet, the job market remains strong. Corporations are profitable and cash positive. And technology spend is expected to grow, especially in categories such as enterprise infrastructure software and cybersecurity.

Emissary has conducted surveys and interviews of hundreds of executives who’ve had recent experience with enterprise technology purchases in their organizations. They’ve shared how buyer priorities and expectations shift when the economic environment is uncertain. And from their experience, Emissary has identified 7 crucial insights successful revenue teams need to act on right away.


Emissary is a human intelligence network that connects enterprise revenue teams to a community of 10,000-plus talented senior and C-level executives with recent experience at their most important accounts. Deep buyer insights drive the ability to shorten sales cycles, close more deals, and build positive long-lasting relationships with prospects and clients – because you’ve gathered the tacit knowledge on their challenges and needs. For more information visit www.emissary.io or email [email protected]

Selling Through a Slowdown

Selling Through a Slowdown is the ultimate guide for technology companies struggling to position their solution amid economic uncertainty and adjusting to buyer caution and objections. The guide spells out new buyer expectations and the internal forces behind them. For example, sellers will need to respond to larger buying committees, longer sales cycles, increased focus on safety, and tighter cost controls, among others. The guide also explains what revenue teams need to know about each account in order to align strategy with buyers’ needs.

Emissary’s research indicates enterprise technology sales will continue to grow, especially when sellers apply lessons learned from past disruptions to today’s circumspect marketplace. In the words of Selling Through a Slowdown, “Anticipating changes to buying processes and taking a proactive approach will lead to better outcomes for both sellers and buyers.”


The Emissary network of over 10,000 former senior Fortune 500 executives provides firsthand industry, account, and buying process knowledge and deep insights into what enterprises are prioritizing.

Their guide, Selling Through a Slowdown, equips companies and their sales teams with a proactive approach to anticipating the changes to the buying process and offers guidance on how to best align sales planning amid a changing economic landscape.

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