The Bon-Vivant Girl, Nathalie Botros, Featured on November Cover of Best Holistic Life

Best Holistic Life Magazine has announced that the November cover will feature Nathalie Botros, the Bon-Vivant Girl, who shares the secrets to creating a “happiness cocktail” with readers.

Like a favorite drink, the recipe for the perfect happiness cocktail requires a few secret ingredients. The Bon-Vivant Girl, psychotherapist and certified holistic health coach Nathalie Botros, shares the secrets in the November issue of Best Holistic Life Magazine.

Love. Move. Smile. Enjoy. It sounds simple, but many people struggle with finding ways to be happy amidst the chaos of day-to-day life. Botros teaches her clients to embrace the Bon-Vivant lifestyle and take pleasure from everything they do in life. 

“What do you have to lose?” Nathalie Botros asked. “Say yes. Be happy.”

After traveling the world and experiencing numerous cultures in her early life, Botros settled in New York City. She developed her Bon-Vivant Girl lifestyle — fully taking pleasure in life and finding true happiness — and now shares her unique perspective with others as a happiness coach. 

It all starts with love

Botros said the process starts with love, specifically self-love. She encourages people to wake up every morning to fall in love with the person they are over and over, regardless of flaws or imperfections. 

“It is knowing your worth, feeling confident with who you are, and emitting the powerful energy of love,” the Bon-Vivant Girl said. 

Get up and move

Walk, run, work out, or even dance, but it’s essential to move, Botros said. Thankfully, it doesn’t take hours to release beneficial amounts of endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. Many studies show that short 3-10 minute movements provide the desired benefits and are much more manageable for most people. Make time — and move!

“I want you to move your body so your brain can release tiny molecules that will affect your happiness, satisfaction, mood, stress, sleep, appetite, and even memory, which we call your happiness chemicals,” Botros said. 

Rediscover the power of a smile

Smiling is an obvious sign of happiness, but Botros said it also releases happy chemicals. She advises clients to rediscover the power of their smiles, both for themselves and for the pleasure they spread to others. 

Be happy and enjoy life

Fully embracing the Bon-Vivant life means finding the happiness in oneself, thriving on the positive, and being a “silver-linings” kind of person. Face life with positivity, open to new experiences as they come. 

“This ingredient is my life philosophy,” Botros said. “Say yes to possibilities and adventures and enjoy every minute of life.”

Finding happiness — And a social life

Bon-Vivant Girl Nathalie Botros explains why a social life is vital to overall happiness. Human connection is important for a well-rounded life. 

“This is the Bon-Vivant Girl way of life,” Botros said. “Living well and being happy.”

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